Finding the Right Location for Your Couples Retreat: San Diego

As a locale for a couples’ retreat, San Diego has so much to offer: gorgeous beaches, beautiful vistas, and a unique opportunity to rescue, renew and revitalize your relationship.

LIFE Marriage Retreats offers a range of locations for its counseling retreats, which can be arranged as either a private or a small group retreat. From the alpine mountains of Sundance, Utah to the striking vistas of Texas, these locations are specially selected to provide the perfect retreat setting and a variety you and your partner can choose from.

As you seek to rebuild and strengthen your marriage, it’s important to find the right retreat and right location. The commitment to save or strengthen your marriage is one of the most important you will ever make, so as you assess your marriage retreat options remember to consider:

  • Find the retreat that resonates with you. If you find that a LIFE Marriage Retreat’s  curriculum, processes, and staff “click” with you, then move forward with the commitment to make it happen; don’t settle for less.
  • Location options. LIFE offers three retreat locations, each defined by nature, peace, and beauty. While some of our couples live within driving distance of a LIFE Retreat location, many others travel longer distances to join us. The consistent feedback we receive from couples is, “It was worth the journey!”
  • Price. All LIFE Marriage Retreats offer four-day programs and all-inclusive pricing, making net price lower than most other retreats. A LIFE Retreat includes your private bed and bath suite, all meals, activities, private sessions, and our AfterCare post-retreat program.

LIFE Marriage Retreats: Our San Diego Location

LIFE offers retreats at three different locations, one of which will perfectly meet your tastes. In addition to the San Diego, California location, LIFE also hosts retreats in Sundance, Utah and Texas Hill Country. San Diego is a great option for those who prefer a coastal experience.

The San Diego location has accommodations in a beautiful beach house right on the seashore where couples can relax to the sound of the waves and enjoy the relaxed seaside ambience. The beach house provides the perfect balance of privacy for each couple as well as beautiful decks and common areas.

Benefits of a LIFE Marriage Retreat

Couples find that they can forge deeper bonds during a LIFE Marriage Retreat than they have anywhere else. Some of the benefits our clients have received include:

  • Deeper understanding and appreciation for their relationship
  • Peace and security through repairing eroded trust
  • Communication and problem solving at their most meaningful levels
  • Awareness and appreciation for one another
  • Shared vision for the future
  • Dealing with the past in safe and healthy ways, and setting it aside to focus on present opportunities
  • Fulfilling emotional and physical intimacy
  • Understanding how the health of their marriage impacts self-esteem all areas of life
  • Stronger relationships with children and extended family

Book a San Diego Retreat with LIFE Marriage Retreats Today

For an enriching couples’ retreat, San Diego provides a stunning backdrop to the next steps you’ll take towards a stronger marital relationship. Whether your marriage is in deep distress, or you are simply looking to strengthen and grow your relationship, join us at a LIFE Marriage Retreat. Utah locations are available, or you can attend our marriage counseling retreats in the peaceful Hill Country of Texas.

LIFE offers the best marriage retreats, tailored to heal your marriage and improve the communication between you and your spouse. Contact us for more details about our LIFE Marriage Retreats.