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Why You Should Go to a Marriage Retreat in Texas

There are marriage retreats all over the world, but LIFE Marriage Retreats’ Texas location—as well as our Sundance and San Diego locations—encourages growth and lasting positive change. If you are unsure about where you want to take a marriage retreat, read this list of reasons why going to one in Texas is the best option. […]

Learning to Validate and Support

At a LIFE couples retreat you learn to love your spouse better. Two of the best ways to show love to your spouse and create a healthy relationship is to validate and support them. Validating and supporting does not necessarily mean agreeing with or conceding to him or her, but it does mean trying to […]

The Difference Between a Retreat and a Vacation

Depending on your exact definitions of retreats and vacations, a retreat is generally the process of withdrawing from a dangerous situation or place, and a vacation is a time away from something. The purpose of a marriage retreat is to take you away from a negative marriage situation and make progress toward a better, more […]