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Choose Your Own Marriage Retreat

Every couple searching for a marriage retreat has different reasons for attending. Some feel they have lost the love in their relationship, while others want to learn to trust each other again. LIFE Marriage Retreats knows that couples want experiences tailored to their unique circumstances. With LIFE Marriage Retreats, you can choose what you want […]

Rediscover the Magic with LIFE Marriage Retreats

On your wedding day, you walked down that aisle with a rosy vision of your future together. But somewhere along the way, that vision seemed to get a little lost. Are you and your spouse ready to rediscover the magic you once had? There are many marriage retreats in San Antonio, but it is important […]

Reasons Why LIFE Marriage Retreats Work

A new study reveals startling statistics about divorce in the U.S. According to the Minnesota Population Center, divorce rates are higher than previously imagined among older people. Baby boomers who are on their second or third marriages are divorcing at a high rate. However, “two thirds of divorces can be prevented with education and intervention.”1 […]

Why LIFE Marriage Retreats is the Best Retreat in Austin

We know that there are other marriage retreats to choose from, even just from those in Texas. However, LIFE Marriage Retreats—Austin is only 40 miles east of our Lake LBJ location—has various benefits that you won’t be able to get elsewhere. Here are some of the reasons why a four-day LIFE Marriage Retreat is the […]

3 Results of Attending Marriage Retreats in Utah

Part of what makes LIFE marriage retreats so successful for couples are the locations. One of those exceptional locations lies in the beautiful mountains of Sundance, Utah, and there are several reasons it’s the perfect place for LIFE marriage retreats. Utah mountains are almost ethereal in their beauty, and they contribute to a sense of […]

5 Signs There’s Still Hope for Your Marriage

5 Signs There’s Still Hope for Your Marriage Perhaps you’re at a point in your marriage where things are hanging by a thread. You’ve heard of the wonderful benefits of attending LIFE retreats for couples, but you’re still wondering if there’s any hope for your marriage. If you and your partner feel this way, don’t […]

5 Key Elements of LIFE Couple Retreats

When it comes to couple retreats, LIFE is certainly unique in its approach and overall design. You will not find any other marriage retreat that compares to the LIFE experience. Couples who attend our retreats experience healing, the highest level of communication, and growing trust. What sets LIFE couple retreats apart from other couple retreats? […]