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3 Signs Your Marriage Needs a LIFE Marriage Retreat

3 Signs Your Marriage Needs a LIFE Marriage Retreat   Every couple will experience challenging times from both internal and external sources. Those times, though painful, will actually make a relationship stronger as the couple works through them in healthy ways.  However, some couples find themselves in the “down” spectrum of the happy scale for […]

3 Reasons to Attend a LIFE Marriage Retreat

3 Reasons to Attend a LIFE Marriage Retreat A LIFE marriage retreat is a four-day journey toward positive growth in your relationship with your spouse. It’s meant to help you find hope and healing in a marriage that is barely surviving, whether from severe addictions, broken trust, or an inability to communicate and solve problems. […]

3 Ways Couples Find Success at LIFE Marriage Retreats

For some couples, it’s difficult to find couples retreats that actually help repair relationships and that reunite husbands and wives in love and harmony. Fortunately, that’s not the case with couples that attend LIFE marriage retreats. If your marriage is on the brink of despair and destruction, you can find hope. Hundreds of other couples […]

Should You Attend a LIFE Marriage Retreat?

LIFE couple retreats are meant for couples who need help resolving deep-rooted issues that are negatively affecting their marriages. How does a couple know, though, if they should start seeking professional help from such a retreat? If they start noticing any of these five signs in their marriage, a couple should consider attending a LIFE […]

What is a LIFE Marriage Retreat?

What is a LIFE Marriage Retreat? LIFE Marriage Retreats is a marriage retreat program designed to bring couples to a higher place of hope and joy in their lives and relationship. Following are three of the components that make us unique from other marriage counseling programs and retreats: A Marriage Seminar and Training LIFE Marriage […]