Best Marriage Enrichment Retreat ImageLooking for Marriage Enrichment?

LIFE offers you the best marriage enrichment retreat available, dedicated to helping you create lasting positive change in your relationship rather than the short-lived improvement of a marriage seminar or other program.

What are you seeking for your marriage? Marriage and family offer us the highest potential for happiness and joy in our lives, but most couples fall short of reaching the higher and healthier relationship they crave. Busy and stressful lives or significant life events often create a wedge between partners, leading to declining communication and inevitably to erosion of trust and a loss of relationship satisfaction.

Whether you find yourself now in a state of crisis, or just wondering how your relationship could be happier and more fulfilling, we commend you for seeking help.

What LIFE Marriage Retreats Offers You

Ten years ago, Gerry and Margo Dye combined their professional experience and skills to offer the best marriage and family trainings and retreats. With backgrounds in mental health care and behavioral treatment, as well as development and delivery of world-class training and education programs, you can expect the perfect retreat experience.

  • Four-day retreats, either in a private or small group (3-5 couples) setting
  • Three beautiful, peaceful locations: the perfect beach setting of San Diego, California; a spectacular mountain location in Sundance, Utah; the inviting setting of the Texas Hill Country
  • The perfect combination of quality training, experiential activities, highly effective private sessions and relaxing free time
  • All-inclusive pricing with private suite accommodations: fine dining, activities and LIFE’s outstanding AfterCare program to help you stay on track

What are the Results of the Four-Day Married Couples Retreat?

Couples attending a LIFE Marriage Retreat consistently report that “every facet of the Retreat exceeded their expectations,” and that they achieved the relationship objectives they set for the Retreat. We encourage couples to set their goals high because it is all within their reach. Couples who have experienced the Retreat report:

  1. A growing sense of trust in the relationship
  2. The ability to communicate and problem-solve at the highest level they have ever experienced
  3. Resolution of negative issues and relationship resentment
  4. A deep understanding of one another and their partner’s perspectives
  5. Emotional connection and safety
  6. A shared vision and commitment for their future
  7. A growing sense of enjoyment of one another and the relationship

The LIFE AfterCare Program

Unlike other marriage help programs, LIFE Marriage Retreats provides ongoing support to couples through our outstanding AfterCare program. We help ensure your lasting relationship change through coaching calls and other forms of support designed to help you remain accountable to one another and your objectives.

  • During your Retreat LIFE will guide you in creating your Second Journey Document in which you will capture the commitments you make to one another as well as your shared vision for the future
  • Your LIFE trainers and coaches will use that document as one of the tools of effective AfterCare, encouraging you to stay on track toward your ideal marriage and family
  • We will assist you through the inevitable challenges you will face, helping you to use the principles and skills you have learned so they become second nature to you

LIFE is the Key to Your Lasting Marriage Success

No matter where your relationship currently is, you are in the perfect place to begin a new journey to lasting positive change. Join us in the best marriage enrichment retreat you’ll ever experience. A LIFE Marriage counseling retreat for married couples is an investment in your most important relationship.

For a great Southwest marriage retreat, Texas offers the beautiful and peaceful surroundings of the Hill Country. Or for the perfect coastal couples counseling retreat, California provides the healing backdrop of ocean and beach. And for a splendid mountain marriage retreat, Utah gives breathtaking mountain vistas.

Contact us for more information or to schedule a marriage-empowering Retreat today.