Healing Marriage: Administer First Aid

One of the keys to healing marriage is knowing when to administer emotional first aid to your partner. This healing art is one of the great benefits of a LIFE Couples RetreatHealing Marriage-First Aid

When your partner is hurting from something you might have said or done, it is not the time for you to justify, defend, or blame; this is like pouring salt into wounds (and gas onto the fire). Rather than pushing to resolve the issue or prove yourself right you must first sincerely find ways to reconnect with the other person. Through compassion, care, and effort to see their perspective and acknowledge their pain, you will find the key to unlock both your hearts.

Often, words can get in the way of healing marriage and hearts and nonverbal signals will be the more kind and welcome path to reconciliation. A willingness to simply listen, or a gentle touch of the hand will speak volumes. A quiet validation of their feelings will sooth tender wounds.

This offer of an olive branch will not always be easy when your emotions might be running high, but the alternative of further contention and hurt is far more painful. The ability to pour calming oil on troubled waters will help refine you and your relationship into gold, and will produce untold sweet fruit.

At a LIFE Marriage Retreat you will learn to naturally offer healing to your partner, and to receive that same care from them. Contact us and we can help you see the way to a healthy and happy relationship.

So remember, just as physical wounds need first aid and healing before returning to normal activities, tender hearts and feelings need to be addressed in healing marriages before solutions to issues can be sought and found.