Marriages Require Nurturing and Healing

Marriage counseling retreats are a proven, effective way for a couple to take steps toward renewing or saving their marriage. At a LIFE Marriage Retreat, you will transform your life and relationship.

All relationships require regular care, healing and rejuvenation. Often, trust has gradually diminished between partners, creating an unhealthy atmosphere in the marriage. In other cases communication has eroded, or infidelity has shattered the sense of marital security. Addictions can damage a marriage and drive wedges between a couple. Physical separations are often resorted to, rarely solving anything and increasing the already daunting emotional distance between spouses.

No matter the issue, the right counseling retreats provide a safe haven where you and your partner identify and deal with your marriage issues and challenges, while opening new vistas of opportunity. At a LIFE Marriage Retreat you will both be empowered to change negative beliefs and behaviors, leading to powerful change and growth in your marriage and family relationships.

Making Changes through a Couples Counseling Retreat

Attending a retreat shows significant commitment to the relationship, a commitment that will be rewarded through the growth of trust and the flourishing of healthy communication. You and your partner will experience new levels of accountability and a deep understanding and perspective of one another.

LIFE Marriage Retreats provides a combination of experiential learning as well as private sessions that are tailored to help you reach your highest relationship objectives. Whether you select a private or small group retreat setting you will experience:

  1. Training sessions focused on the principles and skills that define every successful relationship.
  2. Experiential activities that will be enjoyable as well as lead to “ah-hah!” discoveries.
  3. Private Sessions in which we help you bring the principles and skills to bear on your specific relationship.
  4. Free time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and reconnect with your loved one.

Why LIFE Marriage Retreats Can Help You

LIFE Marriage Retreats offers couples counseling retreats that will empower your marriage. Our approach to marriage retreats differs from other couples retreats in large part because:

  • We put the retreat in marriage retreat. LIFE offers a true retreat experience in settings of natural harmony. Picture a beautiful beach house or mountain cabin rather than a busy and impersonal hotel.
  • Private marriage retreats are available as well as our small group retreats. We work with only a few couples in our group retreats, ensuring that you will receive the private counseling sessions and personalized attention you need.
  • You immediately put into practice the principles and skills you learn, allowing you to feel and experience change and improvement during the retreat.
  • All-inclusive pricing. You don’t have to deal with the stress of arranging for food and lodgings, and you will find your overall expense to be lower than other marriage counseling options.

Find Marital Success by Booking a LIFE Marriage Counseling Retreat

Marriage counseling retreats are available today from LIFE Marriage Retreats. No matter what state you currently find your relationship in, join us for an enriching marriage retreat. Utah locations are available, or you can attend another couples retreat. San Diego and the Texas Hill Country also provide beautiful and peaceful backdrops for the best marriage retreats available. Heal your marriage and improve your communication by contacting us for more information about our next LIFE Marriage Retreat.