Should You Attend a LIFE Marriage Retreat?

LMR3LIFE couple retreats are meant for couples who need help resolving deep-rooted issues that are negatively affecting their marriages. How does a couple know, though, if they should start seeking professional help from such a retreat? If they start noticing any of these five signs in their marriage, a couple should consider attending a LIFE Marriage Retreat:

  1. An erosion of trust due to a significant betrayal or an accumulation of hurts and disappointments. Do you find it hard to trust him or her on a meaningful level? Has this loss of trust affected your ability to connect as a couple? Trust can be difficult to restore once it’s been lost, but it is possible to start trusting again with proper guidance and help.
  2. An inability to communicate and resolve recurring issues and problems. Can you talk issues out without defensiveness or blame? Are issues resolved or do you seem to cycle through the same ones? Productive and effective communication comes from building a strong foundation and applying skills and tools attained at a LIFE Marriage Retreat.
  3. A decrease of physical and emotional intimacy with one another. Are you emotionally connected and physically affectionate? Do you feel close to your spouse or more like “roommates”? Marriage can and should be more than just living together. Learn how to make it a fulfilling and enjoyable experience by attending a Retreat.
  4. Weariness from the damaging effects of addiction or other negative behaviors. Have certain behaviors impacted you and your relationship’s sense of well-being? Have you been able to talk in healthy ways about the situation? Addictions and other recurring behaviors are serious and lead to a downward spiral in the quality of your relationship. A LIFE Marriage Retreat is not an addiction recovery program, but the principles learned and trust restored will create a sense of unity as partners address the problem in healthy and accountable ways. It can be a perfect part of the road to individual and relationship recovery.
  5. A sense of falling out of love. Do you yearn for the higher relationship ground that you know is there if you can just find your way? Do you want to feel a sense of excitement and real joy in your relationship? Do you want to once again plan and spend meaningful time together in dates and times for relationship conversations? Sometimes complacency is just as harmful as other negative behaviors. LIFE Marriage Retreats teach couples how to bring excitement and life back to their marriages.

If any of these statements resonated within you, it may be time to get professional help from a LIFE Marriage Retreat. LIFE couple retreats are successful in reuniting two partners in love and harmony. There is hope for you and your spouse. When it comes to finding effective couples counseling, San Diego’s LIFE Marriage Retreats are your best option. Call us at (877) 376-7127 or visit us online at to book your retreat today.