“Our Trainers, Gerry and Margo are warm, caring people that have their heart in their work. They make our world a much better place and I feel privileged to have spent time with them.”
Susan, California (business executive)
“The support staff members were all incredible! They made me and my husband feel pampered and comfortable enough to ask for anything that we might have wanted or needed. They were absolutely delightful and wonderful people.”
Susan and Jim, Florida (business executives)
“I felt that Margo and Gerry have a very effective teaching style that allowed me to understand and retain what was taught, especially as they coached us in actually using the tools and skills throughout the Retreat.”
Stacey, Washington (business executive)
“Everything was just right. When I came to the Retreat I was pretty broken. I felt a sheltering protection and quickly realized that I was in a safe place where I would be taken care of.”
Clarabeth, Texas (business owner)
“Margo and Gerry were thoughtful, kind, knowledgeable, and professional. Thank you!”
Eileen, Washington (business owner)
“Our Trainers kept bringing us back on track and provided calm, encouragement, and safety. Thank you both.”
David, California (attorney)
“The warmth and safety we felt from Gerry and Margo and the Staff is something we will never forget. They taught us what warm and loving hearts can do for one another.”
Tahnee, California (business owner)
“Gerry and Margo are so special and have such a gift. The Training is so helpful, especially as I feel it progress from “academic” to personal as I practice the Principles and Skills.”
Andrea, Florida (MD)
“I loved the different approaches of our Trainers, Margo and Gerry. Margo’s spirit and loving way during the private sessions and relaxation exercises were perfect. Gerry’s knowledge base and thoughtful questions were excellent. A great team!”
Marea, Wisconsin (care-giver)
“I will be forever grateful for the love, support, acceptance, and service I felt from our Trainers and Staff. I felt so honored and valued.”
Colleen, Alberta (business owner)
“Gerry and Margo, thank you with all my heart for your loving guidance, kindness, and invaluable teachings. You have been the most compassionate, warm, and gentle teachers I have ever met.”
Cha, California (attorney and homemaker)
“I would like to express my gratitude for Gerry, Margo and David individually and as a team for a transforming experience. Their authenticity was unmistakable.”
David, California (attorney)
“Margo and Gerry are a stunning example of what a marriage can and should be. They helped us handle some tough issues with care and grace. The Retreat was a great blessing to us in allowing us to move forward.”
Francesca, Colorado
“I want to thank you Margo, Gerry, and Staff for following your lives purpose and providing this great and unique opportunity to explore and repair so many marriages and families. You honor yourselves in your giving and leave a beautiful legacy for generations to come.”
Deborah, Nebraska
“Our experience was wonderful and needed in this sometimes overwhelming world. Thank you so much. Words of gratitude are the very least way to express how thankful I feel toward you both and the examples you have given to us by your own lives.”
Jude, Florida
“You are both wonderful, amazing, and rare people. You truly care about us and could feel that care in your service to us. It has been a long time since I have been taught so well. I have been given what I need to succeed in my marriage and my life. Thank you Gerry and Margo!”
Klint, Wyoming
“Gerry and Margo, you are a gift to the world! You have given us the greatest gift of all: the return of our relationship and love for one another. I am in the profession of helping others to heal their physical bodies; you have helped us to heal emotionally. We cannot thank you enough.”
Jerry, Oklahoma
“I came to the retreat filled with resentment and anger toward my wife, family, and the circumstances that seemed to have me boxed in. At the retreat I found peace and forgiveness for others and myself. I was able to talk safely and meaningfully about things that had previously seemed unsolvable.  A million pound weight has been lifted from my shoulders.”
Rick, Oregon
“I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am that we came to your retreat. Gerry really helped break through some major chains that held our marriage hostage. We are so relieved and excited to gain closure and begin our Second Journey together. We are honored to have had such wonderful teachers and guides.”
Claire, Texas
“Margo, Gerry, and David each brought a different dynamic of teaching and counseling that combined into an unforgettable experience. I learned so much about myself and my wife and I don’t think I would have ever gained the insights without the retreat. Thank you!”
Josh, Kansas
“Thanks for this awesome opportunity! I know this is a labor of love for you (Gerry, Margo, and David), and it was such a blessing to find people like you who give of themselves, something rare to find in any business.”
Matt, California
“You greatly exceeded every expectation we had. The experiences you shared about your own relationships helped me feel that you truly understood me and my marriage and struggles. Thanks to Gerry, Margo, and David for connecting with us and serving us in such meaningful ways. I would recommend LIFE Marriage Retreats to anyone.”
“I want to thank you all for your hard work and dedication in helping us turn our marriage around. I am leaving with a new-found hope in our marriage and the future, something I did not really think possible.”
Bridgette, California
“We feel we have not only saved our marriage from the dark place we were, but have also made friends for a lifetime. Gerry, Margo, and David along with the other couples at the retreat are all special people who touched our lives. We are VERY interested in doing the Advanced Retreat, especially if we can be part of this same group.”
Cleo, Florida