Balanced Relationships

A key element of any LIFE Marriage Retreat is helping couples to build a balanced relationship. Recently at a private marriage Retreat the couple found what they considered the perfect symbol for their future relationship. Along the San Diego beach Retreat location we sometimes see awesome columns of intricately balanced rocks that seem to defy the laws of physics. This couple felt drawn to one of these works of nature art as inspiration in building balanced lives and a balanced marriage relationship.  Balanced Rocks

Within any healthy relationships you will find numerous examples of balance in areas large and small. A few examples of such balance include (by the way, balance does not infer equal amounts of time in all areas):

  • A mutual recognition that their partner has needs to balance in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual areas
  • Together time balanced with solitary time
  • Appropriate time for both family and couple time and activities
  • A balance between work and recreation
  • Respect of individual styles in relationship management such as resolving conflict

One of the best types of balance in a marriage is actually unbalanced when looked at like a ledger sheet. Research indicates that the happiest marriages focus on the positives rather than negatives. Certainly negatives are not ignored, but for every complaint or accusation there should be at least 5 heartfelt expressions of acknowledgment and love.  This will always lead to a positive emotional bank account.

So find a balanced relationship and personal life and build something even more remarkable than rock art!