5 Key Elements of LIFE Couple Retreats

LMR5When it comes to couple retreats, LIFE is certainly unique in its approach and overall design. You will not find any other marriage retreat that compares to the LIFE experience. Couples who attend our retreats experience healing, the highest level of communication, and growing trust. What sets LIFE couple retreats apart from other couple retreats? The following five key elements:

  1. Lovely location. Each LIFE Retreat is held at one of three beautiful locations: San Diego, California; Texas Hill Country; and Sundance, Utah. Couples can choose which location beckons to them most, but each one has a relaxing, calming atmosphere to help couples attending the retreat feel a sense of peace and harmony.
  2. Four-day stay. It is our experience that a four-day Retreat is the perfect length for most couples to learn and experience the principles and skills of successful relationships, resolve the most significant issues of their marriage, and create a shared vision for their future. Participating in the retreat for four days straight allows couples to immerse themselves in the process, leading them to achieve their relationship objectives.
  3. All-inclusive pricing. LIFE retreats are all inclusive, meaning everything is included in one fair price. Pricing covers your bed and bath suite, all your meals, retreat activities, and your AfterCare program in which LIFE continues to work with you in the crucial months following the retreat. This allows you to focus your energy and attention on each other and the retreat experience rather than on distracting details.
  4. Experiential activities. The hands-on, experiential activities couples experience at a LIFE marriage retreat are unlike any other couple-retreat activity. They are fun and enjoyable but, even more important, they map back to the relationship principles and skills the couple is learning, creating great “ah-hah” moments of clarity regarding things such as trust, communication, and accountability.
  5. One-on-one sessions. Each couple works with LIFE counselors and coaches in a private setting away from the other couples. Even though each retreat is limited to just a few couples, LIFE coaches know the importance of working with each couple in one-on-one counseling sessions. This way, couples get personalized help from professionals.

LIFE couple retreats truly bring couples together. Whatever state your marriage is in, know that there is hope through a LIFE marriage retreat. Our couples retreats are designed to help even the most damaged of marriages. Book your retreat today by calling (877) 376-7127 or by visiting lifemarriageretreats.com.