What Do You Expect from a Marriage Retreat?

As you search for the right marriage retreat you deserve to have high expectations. Those expectations will be linked to what you envision as your ideal relationship. You probably long to reconnect with your partner, to feel whole again. Perhaps you recognize that relationship trust has eroded and you are seeking to build a firm marriage foundation that includes a deep sense of safety and security that will lead to high levels of communication to deal with the issues of the past and plan confidently for a joyful future together.

LIFE Marriage Retreats: Helping Couples Find the Higher Ground

Every relationship, including yours, has the potential to achieve a more peaceful and happier state. This higher ground is what every couple longs to find; a safe haven where the love, trust, and commitment of which you and your loved one are capable can bloom into the marriage you envisioned from the beginning.

At LIFE Marriage Retreats, we will guide you to that higher and happier way of being that you so richly deserve. Our training and retreat experience has taken us around the world and as we have focused on serving couples we have discovered some keys that help ensure the success of our clients achieving their highest objectives. One of those keys is the establishment of an environment in surroundings where healing occurs, communication flourishes, and trust grows leading to a deep marriage enrichment.

Location Matters on a Marriage Retreat

Our consistent experience is that peace and reflection are essential to any couples’ relationship progress. We choose locations close to nature where the beauty and harmony of your surroundings help take the retreat curriculum, activities, and private sessions to a whole new dimension for couples in need of a powerful new direction in their relationship.

Extraordinary progress can be made in the span of just a few days as you and your partner allow the stress and tension to fade from your lives and marriage and as you learn and apply the principles and skills that define every successful relationship. LIFE selects the most beautiful locations for our retreats for couples, like

  • San Diego, California (beach front)
  • Sundance, Utah (alpine mountains)
  • Texas Hill Country (lake front)

In such places of natural beauty, stress fades, commitment grows and you will achieve a greater clarity of mind and purpose. You will be awakened to the endless possibilities that exist for you and your loved one, and you will better master the skills and principles every successful relationship needs to thrive.

Along with magnificent natural surroundings, a LIFE couple’s retreat also includes

  • First-rate accommodations like fine dining and your own private bed and bath suite.
  • Fun and exciting activities that will lead to moments of discovery and learning.
  • Free time to enjoy the beautiful setting and reconnect with your partner.
  • Available as either a small group or private one-on-one retreat
  • Training sessions that focus on the principles and skills that build a successful relationship.
  • Private sessions where we help you apply these principles to your specific challenges.
  • All-inclusive pricing to spare you the hassle and cost of arranging for hotel rooms and meals.
  • A post-Retreat AfterCare program with the professionals who helped you during the Retreat.

Discover Answers and Healing: Call 877-376-7127 and Schedule Your LIFE Marriage Retreat

A LIFE Marriage Retreat helps distressed couples find that higher, happier ground where they can experience the joy and satisfaction of a healthy relationship. The best marriage counseling retreats provide not only the right atmosphere but also the appropriate training and personal attention that lead to the lasting positive change you deserve. For many of our marriage retreats, California provides a calming backdrop with the stunning beach and the soothing of the ocean waves.

For the best retreats for married couples, please contact us at LIFE Marriages Retreat, at (877)376-7127.