Make Positive Relationship Changes through Married Couples Retreats

Are you and your partner missing the joy and connection you once had? Has communication soured and trust eroded? Do old unresolved resentments linger? LIFE married couples’ retreats will revive what was once best about your marriage while taking you to even higher and happier territory.

A LIFE Retreat is an entirely unique opportunity; not an impersonal boot camp or superficial seminar, but a life and relationship-changing experience.

Imagine a four-day retreat on San Diego beaches or in the magnificent alpine mountains of Sundance, Utah. Imagine focusing on your relationship, engaging in outstanding curriculum and activities, and working with experienced and caring professionals in highly effective private sessions.

That is the kind of relationship counseling that delivers lasting positive change.

Everything about a LIFE Marriage Retreat is meant to enhance your experience and contribute to achieving all of your relationship objectives. Even our all-inclusive pricing policy that includes private suite accommodations and fine dining help create a low-stress experience. Another key to your lasting relationship success is our AfterCare program that provides ongoing support following the Retreat (included with every LIFE marriage Retreat).

Benefits of Attending Marriage Retreats

LIFE Marriage Retreats provides focused training and counseling Retreats dedicated to healing and growing the most important relationship in your life, your marriage. Couples who have attended LIFE Marriage Retreats have discovered results such as:

  • The healthiest and most effective communication they have ever experienced.
  • Clarity of one another’s perspectives leading to lasting solutions and a deeper appreciation for their partner and the relationship.
  • Greater peace and security as trust is earned and exercised.
  • Shared goals and visions for the future, along with a willingness to work toward those goals.
  • Fulfilling emotional and physical intimacy.
  • A developed awareness of the well-being and happiness of each other.
  • Past hurts and regrets dealt with in a healthy fashion and set aside so focus can be placed on the opportunities of the present.

These and other benefits come as you and your partner recommit to the relationship and engage in one of LIFE’s tried-and-tested marriage retreats. As you heal your relationship and build your future together we also teach you the principles and skills that will yield positive changes that will last a lifetime.

Register Today for Couples’ Marriage Retreats at 877-376-7127

Your marriage relationship has the potential to bring you peace and fulfillment, don’t settle for less. Married couples’ retreats can heal emotional wounds and broken hearts. At LIFE, we offer enriching and experiential lessons and experiences while surrounding you with settings of natural beauty, where peace and solace become part of the recovery.

When it comes to a rewarding marriage retreat, San Diego provides a gorgeous beachfront escape from daily stresses. Here you will find an enrichment couples retreat that will soothe the soul. To register for our next marriage couples retreat, contact us here or call us at (877)376-7127.