Top 5 Reasons to Attend a LIFE Marriage Retreat in San Diego

marriage counseling san diegoWhen it comes to marriage counseling, San Diego is a popular place to look. Even more popular and effective than marriage counseling, though, are LIFE Marriage Retreats in San Diego. LIFE Marriage Retreats differ from marriage counseling in that they immerse couples in a four-day marriage growth and renewal experience that is healing, strengthening, and enjoyable. If that alone isn’t enough to convince you to attend a Retreat, here are five more reasons:

1.       LIFE Marriage Retreats are more successful than traditional marriage counseling sessions.

The average relationship perceived improvement by couples after just one retreat is 62%. This means that LIFE Marriage Retreats are successful in strengthening marriages.  You will communicate at the highest level, reconnect on an emotional level, and handle the issues that have plagued you. Simply said, you will be happier. Not just a little happier but much happier.

LIFE’s unique combination of training, experiential activities, and highly effective private sessions create the perfect environment for couples to learn, experience, and internalize the relationship principles and skills that define every successful relationship. LIFE counselors will guide you through handling issues of resentment and eroded trust to the higher and happier ground that is found on the other side.

2.       LIFE Marriage Retreats offer all-inclusive pricing.

To attend a LIFE Marriage Retreat, couples pay one fair price for first-class accommodations, outstanding dining, exciting activities, private sessions, and the exclusive LIFE AfterCare program. This will help you and your spouse to focus on your relationship rather than being burdened with additional stressful and expensive travel arrangements.

3.       San Diego is a relaxing, peaceful location.

San Diego is known for its perfect climate and endless vistas of ocean and sky. Everything about the atmosphere is conducive to healing and the melting away of stress. The beach and all its sights, sounds, and activities lay right outside your door. The sound of ocean waves and sight of dolphins and seabirds will touch your heart and heal your soul.

4.       You will be in an environment of perfect safety.

A key element of a LIFE Marriage Retreat is the deep sense of safety that each couple experiences. When a couple feel safe they can talk about the things that matter most in healthy and calm ways. We will help you to build that foundation of emotional connection and safety from which you can resolve your issues and build the relationship of your dreams.

5.       LIFE Marriage Retreats offers an AfterCare Support Program

LIFE counselors will continue to work with you and your spouse in personal ways for months after the retreat. These coaches help you stay accountable to your relationship goals and commitments. They also give you the support and encouragement you need to keep growing and progressing. Marriage strengthening doesn’t end when the retreat is over.

LIFE Marriage Retreats are designed to bring hope back into a marriage. After just four days, couples learn the skills and principles necessary for success, which could take months or years to learn in traditional marriage counseling. San Diego is waiting for you. Register for one of our couple retreats today by calling (877)376-7127 or by visiting