3 Ways LIFE Marriage Retreats Differ from Traditional Marriage Counseling

3 Ways LIFE Marriage Retreats Differ from Traditional Marriage Counseling

marriage counseling san diego caWhen a couple whose marriage is on the rocks is seeking guidance, they often turn to marriage counseling. San Diego is a popular place for searching for such counseling because it’s a beautiful, relaxing place. However, couples who search for LIFE Marriage Retreats in San Diego often find more success. LIFE Marriage Retreats are different from marriage counseling sessions in the following ways:

1.       LIFE Marriage Retreats take you to locations that elicit a sense of peace and harmony.

Location matters for those seeking an environment of reconciliation and change. If there’s already tension in your relationship, would you prefer an austere and impersonal counseling office or a beautiful and peaceful beachfront?

The beautiful surroundings of an outdoor location become the backdrop for meaningful personal and relationship growth. San Diego is LIFE’s most popular Retreat in part because the beach and waves form the backdrop to the amazing Retreat experience.

2.       LIFE Marriage Retreats expedite the healing and growth process in relationships.

Experiential activities help couples experience and internalize (not just talk about) key principles and skills. These activities are designed to help each participant have “aha” moments where he or she finally grasps what the principle or skill really means and how it shows up in the relationship.

Couples work with LIFE counselors in extraordinarily effective private, one-on-one sessions that lead to resolution of issues and reestablishment of emotional connection.

LIFE retreats are also four enjoyable days that immerse couples in training and counseling in an environment where healing occurs, communication flourishes, and trust grows.

3.       LIFE Marriage Retreats offer the results you are seeking.

In a four-day retreat couples will experience:

  • The highest level of safe and meaningful communication ever experienced
  • A clarity of and respect for one another’s perspectives, leading to mutually satisfying solutions
  • A liberating sense of mutual accountability based not on blame or scorekeeping, but honesty and respect
  • From this strong foundation you will take your marriage to higher and happier ground

If you and your spouse are desperate for hope, consider attending a LIFE Marriage Retreat instead of marriage counseling. San Diego is waiting to welcome you with its sunny beaches and breezy climate. LIFE couple retreats really do provide the guidance and nourishment your relationship needs. For more information or to register, call (877) 376-7127 or visit lifemarriageretreats.com.