What is a LIFE Marriage Retreat?

LMR1What is a LIFE Marriage Retreat?

LIFE Marriage Retreats is a marriage retreat program designed to bring couples to a higher place of hope and joy in their lives and relationship. Following are three of the components that make us unique from other marriage counseling programs and retreats:

A Marriage Seminar and Training

LIFE Marriage Retreats is founded on the principles and skills that define successful relationships. Any person of any faith will be able to identify with the skills and principles discussed during our retreats.

The directors of LIFE Marriage Retreats are happy to focus specifically on Christian views during a couple’s private sessions, involving Christian marriage seminar ideals if desired. However, LIFE is a non-denominational organization that welcomes all faiths, religions, views, and opinions. We do not incorporate any one religion in our retreat activities.

LIFE Marriage Retreats believes marriage and family are the fundamental building blocks of society, and we offer our support and professional expertise to families from a wide variety of backgrounds and faiths.

A Four-Day Retreat Away From the Stress of Everyday Life

We believe that location matters and that the right surroundings enhance the healing, growth, and change that couples are seeking. LIFE Marriage Retreats are held in a few select locations like San Diego, CA; Texas Hill Country; Sundance, UT. Each of these locations are beautiful and possesses the qualities to help participants find a deep sense of peace and renewal.

The four-day Retreat package is all-inclusive, meaning that the excellent dining, accommodations, private sessions, and everything else, including our effective AfterCare program, is included in the reasonable price for the Retreat.

Couples are provided with a first-class private suite in the luxury beach house or cabin that becomes their home away from home—a place where trust can be reestablished and resentments laid aside.

A Unique Program Dedicated to Providing Hope and Healing for Troubled Marriages

LIFE counselors help couples understand and develop key skills that go hand-in-hand with relationship laws and principles. Couples get the chance to work privately and one-on-one with these counselors in order to express needs and resolve issues in a safe environment.

Couples also participate in fun, exciting experiential hands-on activities. These activities help them better understand their strengths and weaknesses, and create “ah-hah” moments of insight into their relationship.

LIFE Marriage Retreats are designed to give couples hope and positive direction. If you’ve been looking for a Christian marriage seminar, we have options for you. Our couple retreats truly give couples hope. If your marriage needs help, call us today at (877)376-7127 or visit lifemarriageretreats.com to book a retreat.