“This private retreat unquestionably saved our marriage. We had so much resentment toward one another and so little hope for the future, but with the LIFE Marriage Retreat have rediscovered one another and the limitless possibilities of our relationship. Thank you!”

-Ricardo, Florida

Marriages Are Strengthened Through Private Couples Retreats

Private couples retreats are powerful and rewarding experiences for you and your spouse whether you are seeking to overcome significant and painful issues, or rise to the full measure of your relationship potential. For many couples, the demands and stresses of life contribute to a neglect of their most important relationship, often leading to erosion of trust, meaningful communication, and healthy emotional connection. Wedges are driven between you and you might one day realize that true and fulfilling intimacy is gone and you have become roommates living on parallel but disconnected lives.

A highly effective way to deal with the issues and challenges, as well as the opportunities, of your relationship is through a married couples retreat. At a LIFE Marriage Retreat you will step off the treadmill of your busy schedule and routine and immerse yourself in a healing and empowering atmosphere where you will build a strong foundation for your marriage and internalize the principles and skills that define every successful relationship.

Couples who decide together to invest their time in relationship retreats start their journey by making a unified decision—a significant step in the direction and commitment to the relationship and lasting unity. What is it that makes a LIFE marriage retreat the perfect place to begin the journey of the rest of your lives? Among many answers to that question are Locations, the retreat format and processes; and the people with whom you will be working.

On a Private Marriage Retreat, Location is Important

At LIFE we don’t offer vacations. But we do offer some of the most beautiful places on earth where you can work on yourselves and your relationship in the peace and harmony of nature. In such places you will experience healing, honest and safe communication, and the growth of trust. We do not host our retreats at airport hotels or convention centers, but in locations where nature and beauty are right outside the window. Imagine being in one of these following locations with your partner:

  • San Diego, California, in a beach house where dolphins, seals, and pelicans are your neighbors
  • Sundance, Utah, in a beautiful alpine mountain cabin set amidst forest and majestic peaks
  • Texas Hill Country, in a comfortable lake house in a setting of live oaks and lapping  water
  • Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in a spectacular house on the cliffs overlooking the very spot where the Pacific meets the Sea of Cortez (Deluxe private and two-couple retreats only)

We have selected each of these retreat locations not only for their beauty, but also for the special feeling and spirit they offer couples seeking a higher and happier place in their relationship.

The Best Curriculum and Activities on Your Couples Private Retreat

Our goal at LIFE is to help our couples achieve lasting positive change in their personal lives and in their relationship. This requires us to not only help you experience the very best skills and tools in communication, problem solving, and relationship management, but to guide you in the building of a foundation of key principles that will ultimately determine the success of your marriage and satisfaction in your lives.

LIFE has found that couples respond to the experiential nature of our marriage retreats.  You will experience every principle and skill taught not only through using them to resolve your real life challenges and in building your dream relationship, but also in fun and exciting activities that are tailored to lead to bonding and moments of discovery about yourselves and your marriage.

So even though we are not in the business of selling vacations, we won’t mind if you occasionally feel like you are on one at a LIFE private couples retreat!

Private Retreat Counselors Coach You along the Way

Many couples discover that the key retreat component for them is the people they work with. At LIFE we bring many years of experience and a variety of skills in training, counseling, and coaching to the table.

But most couples agree with Jennifer of Minnesota: “The personal care and concern we felt from Gerry, Margo, and David was overwhelming and helped us to feel safe and nurtured at the Retreat. This in turn led to our success in all of our retreat objectives.”

At a LIFE Retreat you are not a client or a patient. You are real people with real challenges, deserving of our care and our best efforts in your behalf. Feel the difference of such an environment. We will guide you to understand and experience healing and renewing principles such as:

  • Forgiveness and resolution of resentment
  • Perspective and better understanding of one another’s point of view
  • Commitment
  • Accountability
  • Trust and trustworthiness
  • Communication
  • Respect

With these and other principles and characteristics built into your lives and every decision you make as a couple, you’ll flourish and will develop a deeper, more intimate connection.

Contact LIFE Marriage Retreats Today for Registering Information

Whether at a LIFE small group or private retreat, we help you dissolve the barriers that have grown between you and your loved one, and open the way to a rich and fulfilling relationship. Each of the locations where LIFE holds its private marriage counseling retreats is a place of natural beauty that will soothe, heal, and rejuvenate. At a LIFE private couple retreat, you can expect to have the very best experience. Don’t hesitate to contact LIFE Marriage Retreats today to register for our next Retreat.