Private Couple’s Retreat: Heal your Marriage and Rediscover One Another

A private couples retreat is an opportunity for healing and rediscovery. How would it be to experience clear and healthy conversations with your partner, unencumbered by past hurts and disappointment; to find safety and emotional connection; to create a shared vision of a joyful and passionate future?

Perhaps you can point in your relationship to the time or events when the erosion of trust and the decline of communication began, or maybe you slipped into joyless “parallel lives” with little meaningful connection through a long process of busy lives and distractions. LIFE Private Couple Retreats are a chance for healing and renewal.

Creating Lasting Positive Change at a LIFE Couples Retreat

A LIFE Retreat will be filled with meaningful experiences and inspirational memories for a couple. If your goal is to create lasting growth and change in your relationship, you can be assured that a LIFE Private Couples Retreat will be a powerful experience that will bear sweet fruit in your lives and relationship.

At LIFE private Couple’s Retreats you will find transformative experiences including:

  • Communication at the highest level you have ever experienced
  • A sense of clarity regarding one another’s perspectives on issues and needs
  • A liberating mutual sense of accountability for the relationship

You will use those gifts to develop a deep sense of relationship safety and to seize the opportunity to resolve resentment, find forgiveness, and rebuild trust.

LIFE Marriage Retreats: An Intensive Couples Retreat

LIFE Marriage Retreats offers small group and private retreats to help couples succeed, no matter where they might find themselves in terms of relationship distress. Although a couples retreat is a serious undertaking, LIFE Retreats are also varied and enjoyable:

  1. Teaching and Discussion. Whether in a small group or in a one-on-one setting, you and your partner will learn the principles and skills that define every successful relationship. These sessions are fast paced with a variety of teaching/learning processes being applied.
  2. Experiential Training. Couples experience the principles and skills through fun, exciting hands-on activities. These activities provide lots of “ah-hah” moments of better understanding principles such as trust, accountability, and communication.
  3.  Counseling Sessions. Private counseling and coaching sessions allow the couple to bring to bear the most relevant principles and skills on their specific issues, challenges, and opportunities. These sessions are amazingly effective due in part to the atmosphere of the Retreat and the freshness of principles and skills learned.
  4.  Free Time. Couples find time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and amenities of the Retreat. This is valuable time to reflect and reconnect, away from the distractions and stresses of daily life.
  5.  Aftercare Program. The included Aftercare Program helps ensure continued positive growth in the marriage through a series of Skype or telephone sessions with LIFE following the Retreat.

Renew and Strengthen Your Marriage through a Private Couples Retreat

A private retreat can be scheduled at any one of our locations, including a San Diego beach setting, the alpine mountains of Sundance, Utah; and the Hill Country of Texas. We also offer a very special deluxe retreat option at our location in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

A private couples retreat is the perfect step to take towards a healed and renewed marital relationship. LIFE private marriage counseling retreats will empower you to take your relationship to the higher and happier ground you deserve.  LIFE offers the best private couples retreats, tailored to your specific needs and opportunities.

To schedule a retreat, or for more information, contact LIFE Marriage Retreats today.