Four-Day Marriage Retreat

COVID-19 Information: We’ve made operational changes to ensure your safety during our in-person retreats. If you have any concerns or questions, contact us. 

LIFE Marriage Retreats are uniquely designed to help you meet your relationship objectives. Only a limited number of couples will have the opportunity to work with Gerry and Margo Dye.

Happy CoupleCouples that have experienced this premier marriage retreat report:

  • A deeper understanding of and appreciation for their partner and their marriage

  • A growing sense of peace and security as trust is earned and exercised

  • More meaningful and effective communication that leads to real relationship growth and a sense of team

  • A greater awareness of and loving concern for the well-being of one another

  • A shared vision for the future, and plans to help bring that vision to reality

  • An ability to deal effectively with the challenges of the past, then set them aside and focus the relationship energy on the opportunities of the present

  • A warm and fulfilling emotional and physical intimacy

  • An understanding of how their marriage relationship impacts their own self esteem and their success and joy in all areas of life

  • A greater ability to deal lovingly and effectively with other family members


Couples often develop a temporary sense of euphoria at a seminar or retreat but at LIFE we are committed to helping couples create lasting change and a lifetime of relationship growth through…

Our Retreat Values

  • Time: Meaningful time spent together is a key ingredient in couples reconnecting. You will be astonished to find where four focused days can take you.

  • Place: Special places of peace, beauty, and positive energy help create an environment where healing occurs, communication flourishes, and trust grows. Location does make a difference.

  • Learning: Discover and internalize the principles and skills that define every successful relationship through innovative experiential training and coaching processes. Move beyond the relationship “to-do” list to a new way of being. Learn more about the retreat curriculum and what makes our retreats the best in the business.

  • Support: Personal support through private sessions during the Retreat, and post-Retreat coaching further contribute to continued accountability, permanent change, and ongoing growth in the relationship.

  • Commitment: Your commitment to the relationship combined with LIFE’s commitment to serve you unlocks reservoirs of strength and wisdom and ensures your success.

All Inclusive Pricing

  • Excellent accommodations (private bed and bath suites)

  • Fine dining (all meals and snacks)

  • World-class training

  • Exciting activities

  • Daily private sessions with your counselors/trainers

  • Post-Retreat AfterCare support program

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