“The small number of couples helped give the Retreat an intimate and friendly feel, and the one-on-one coaching sessions were very productive for us. Everything was perfect!”
Anna, California (stay-at-home-mom)
“The structure of the training flowed very well. I never felt that we needed to rush through any session and never felt pressured to do anything I was not comfortable doing. The combination of the group training with our private sessions was just right.”
Kirk, Arizona
“The Retreat experiential activities really helped bring the principles and skills being taught into my heart. They were well thought out, lots of fun, and really helped us build our relationship.”
Dan, California (supervisor)
“The Training curriculum was exciting and unique. I learned so many things that I had never even thought about or realized were so crucial to our marriage relationship. Every day was a new learning experience.”
Tracy, California (business owner)
“I loved the holistic approach of the Training Retreat. The concept of the Four Areas of Need was particularly helpful in identifying areas that I could strengthen myself and our relationship.”
Cheryl, Pennsylvania (stay-at-home-mom)
“This experience was one of the greatest in our 22 years together. We would have traveled anywhere to attend and achieve the results we have enjoyed. We particularly loved the experiential aspects of the Training that made everything so real and immediate.”
Tony and Anna, California (business owners)
“The activities provided an amazing experience. Each one taught me a different thing and showed me a lot of the inner strength that I have that I did not know I had. It also showed me how important my husband is to me and my well being, to have him there when I need a hand.”
Clarabeth, Texas (business owner)
“I enjoyed the activities. They helped reestablish in our partnership the trust for each other and taught the importance of team in our marriage.”
Juan, Texas (business owner)
“The curriculum and processes were perfect. Don’t change a thing!”
Steve, Florida (Business owner)
“The Retreat has been a positive and powerful experience. I loved the activities and discussions, and especially cherished the one-on-one couple time with “homework”.”
Marea, Wisconsin (care giver)
“The activities were wonderful and did a great job of reinforcing things we learned in the training.”
Angie, Alaska
“The LIFE Couples Retreat was far more than I ever expected. We have tried counseling and skills seminars and never found the long-term solutions that would lead to lasting change in our lives and relationship. I came to the Retreat skeptical but quickly shifted to openness and honesty, and in the process changed everything in my life and marriage for the better.”
Mike, Alberta Canada
“Thank you so much, Gerry and Margo, for all you have given us in helping us save our relationship and bring it to a place of peace and joy. The activities of the Retreat were especially meaningful to me and my growth. Through them I came ?out of my box? where I had felt trapped and helpless. I made the commitment at the beginning of the Retreat to give it my all, and I am proud of myself for doing just that.”
Linda, California