“Having completed the retreat and participating in every activity and exercise, I can honestly say that helping us create our “2nd Journey” document together with our written commitments we made to each other is definitely a key component to the success of the retreat. The personal coaching calls you receive after the retreat are wonderful – it’s comforting to know that we still have the connection / guidance even once we’ve gone home and returned to our regular routines. It has truly been a wonderful experience. Thanks so much!”
Oren and Christa, Canada
“We think the AfterCare program is critical after having gone through the retreat and initial coaching calls. The retreat puts you on the right path and the aftercare program helps to keep you on track. It also keeps you accountable and honest to your partner and helps to create healthy relationship habits through reinforcement of the core principles. To us, it’s a critical component of the entire program if you want your marriage to have long-term success.”
Marc & Joyce, Georgia
“The Life Retreat with Gerry, Margo and David was exactly what our marriage needed! Upon arriving home we found ourselves nervous about next steps and feared we could fall back into old behaviors. With our commitment pages, second journey contract, retreat notebook close at hand and a meeting with David looming in the future, we forged ahead. We believe these supports have been crucial in creating opportunities to grow our relationship while having a positive impact in times of challenges. As we sat down to Skype with David at our first after-care meeting, we both felt safe to share our second journey growth and anxious to create new commitments and goals with David?s guidance. The Life Retreat was amazing, but the skills we brought home and the follow-up support is what is taking us to the next level in our marriage.”
“Thank you. I mean really thank you. Following the Retreat I really needed to continue to hear and understand Steve’s thought processes in the AfterCare Skype session. I appreciated your skill in asking the right questions and helping us understand the way forward. Thank you for all you do at LIFE to help marriages and families.”