A True Marriage Retreat–The LIFE Marriage Retreats Way

When thinking about a Marriage Retreat most couples have a certain vision of their expectations. They imagine the perfect location of natural beauty and ambiance; an environment of peace and harmony, and in the company of a few other supportive and caring couples. We applaud and support those expectations.

For years as I have written this blog my main intent has been to deliver immediate value to your relationship through offering proven relationship principles and skills that you can use right now. Please scroll through the blog messages and you will find dozens of such tips and principles. But today, while certainly wanting to deliver value, I must admit to having a small “burr under my saddle.” 

I often wonder why so many couples, who set out looking for the ideal experience, settle for something less than a true Marriage Retreat? Why do they end up traveling to a location, finding their own hotel, eating at fast food restaurants, and meeting in a counselor’s office for a predetermined amount of time each day? Or why do they settle for a “boot camp” experience at a busy hotel, packed into a meeting room with dozens of other couples, feeling like a number with little connection to facilitators or counselors?

While marriage boot camps or glorified counseling sessions might hold some value for some couples, they simply are not true marriage retreats. LIFE believes in a true retreat setting and culture. See if this might better match what you are really looking for:

  • Locations in the midst of nature, whether perfect beach or mountain setting.
  • Hosts and a few couples together in a beautiful beach house or mountain cabin, enjoying their own private suites, as well as spacious common areas. (LIFE also offers private one-on-one retreats)
  • A nurturing atmosphere where you find a space of safety where healing occurs, communication flourishes, and trust grows.
  • Actually experiencing the principles and skills that define every successful relationship, and feeling them gain full traction in your heart and marriage.
  • All-inclusive pricing so you can focus on your relationship and the Marriage Retreat experience rather than the stressful details of food and lodging.
  • Lasting healing and positive change in your relationship.

If you are looking for a boot camp environment, then, by all means, go to a boot camp. If you are looking for traditional counseling that is just farther away from home, then find such a service.

But if you are looking for a true retreat experience that will exceed all your expectations, then consider the elite LIFE Retreat, the best marriage retreats available.

Next posting-back to the principles and skills of this magical relationship called marriage!