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How to Set Healthy Boundaries in a Marriage (Part 1)

Whether you’re newly married or you’ve been married for 15 years, boundaries can be an important part of a thriving, healthy relationship. Couples who understand how to implement appropriate boundaries in their marriage will find themselves feeling that sense of security and trustworthiness needed in a relationship at all times. Remember, the ultimate goal of […]

Dealing with Pornography in Marriage (Part 2)

Research the many resources out there.  There are countless resources available online to help you find healing and hope. Here are just a few of many examples: Fight the New Drug Addiction Hope Covenant Eyes Partners of Sex Addicts Resource Center Please consult these and other resources. You don’t have to suffer through this alone […]

Dealing with Pornography in Marriage (Part 1)

The Ultimate Question: What Do You Do?  (For purposes of this article on pornography in marriage the assumption is that it is the husband struggling with the addiction, but pornography addiction is growing rapidly among women as well.)  When you discover your spouse has been involved with pornography it can be traumatic, to say the […]

Tips for Dealing With a Tragedy in a Marriage (Part 2)

Find comfort in each other Please know you are not alone in this. Your spouse is experiencing grief as well. Find comfort in each other and the fact that you’re both feeling heartache. When you experience a tragedy, it can be easy to cut yourself off from those you love and try to cope with […]

Tips for Dealing With Tragedy in a Marriage (Part 1)

Tragedy—whatever form it may come in—has a way of bringing those affected closer together or tearing them apart. When it’s a husband and wife dealing with the tragic events, the losses can get even higher if they can’t figure out how to cope together. If you want to be the spouses that cling to each […]

How to Keep Resentment from Ruining Your Relationship

How to Keep Resentment from Ruining Your Relationship  What does it mean to resent someone? Here are some synonyms of resent to give you a better understanding: feel bitter about, be annoyed at, take offense at, harbor a grudge about. It’s probably not hard to think of the last time you felt resentful about something. […]

Is Forgiveness Synonymous with Trust?

  When someone you love or care about has deeply hurt you, it can be a complicated process restoring everything you once had back to what it used to be. Contrary to what many people think, complete reconciliation doesn’t come with these three words: I forgive you. Forgiveness is but a step in the process […]

5 Ways to Fix a Marriage

Have you tried these ways for how to fix a marriage? LIFE Marriage Retreats can help you find the right way to fix your marriage and build a trusting relationship again.

4 Marriage Conflict Styles

Navigating through marriage conflict can be difficult. Here are the four conflict styles. Learn how to heal after conflict with LIFE Marriage Retreats.