5 Benefits of Marriage Retreats for Any Marriage

5 Benefits of Marriage Retreats for Any Marriage

5 Benefits of Marriage RetreatsSome people think there is a stigma for marriage retreats that requires couples to be at risk of divorce or beyond reconciliation without intervention. While many couples who seek help from LIFE Marriage Retreats are in a state of high relationship distress, others are simply seeking the higher and happier ground that every marriage can attain with some effort and know how. Marriage Retreats from LIFE can benefit any marriage—providing benefits that can serve you and your spouse for the rest of your lives together.

Here are 5 benefits of marriage retreats for any marriage.

  1. Build effective communication skills: Marriage communication seems easy in the dating phase, but often becomes more difficult and complex as time and experiences go by. If this skill is not continually developed and sharpened the couple will soon find themselves unable to accurately share perspectives, needs, or solutions for problems. At a LIFE Marriage Retreat you will learn to communicate at the highest and safest level you have ever experienced.
  2. Learn to support and serve each other: Even though spouses commit to stand together “in sickness and in health,” supporting one another through the thick and thin of life can sometimes be a challenge. At a Retreat you will clear away the debris that separates you and learn how to recognize and help one another fulfill needs and feel loved in healthy ways.
  3. Clearly see the opportunities as well as the challenges of your relationship: At a Retreat we will show you and your spouse how to take shared control of your relationship and build a vision for your ideal marriage. You will identify your strengths and learn how to bring those to bear on your issues and weaknesses. In doing so you will build an immense sense of confidence in yourself, partner, and the relationship.
  4. Provide an opportunity to reconnect: No matter where you are in your relationship, a Marriage Retreat gives you a valuable time to spend together in an environment that will enrich your soul, far away from the world’s distractions and stresses. Reconnecting with your spouse is a necessary and joyful step in building the lasting positive change you are seeking. Experience what true and loving empathy feels like.
  5. Grow positive patterns of interaction: Studies have shown that the best marriages are those that have a substantially higher number of positive to negative interactions, at least 5 to 1. Many relationships find themselves on a slippery slope to reversing those numbers. Marriage retreats encourage a growth of positive interactions between couples, thus strengthening trust and connection, giving you a jump-start into the best possible marriage relationship.

As you consider how these benefits could help your own marriage, know that at LIFE Marriage Retreats we strive to build stronger bonds between spouses. We are focused on helping you create positive change and in building a marriage of fulfillment, peace, and joy.

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