What Makes the Best Marriage Retreats?

Discovering the best marriage retreats begins with asking the right questions.

Married couples don’t plan on having relationship problems. But time takes its toll, as does stress, eroded trust, communication difficulties, children, careers and finances. Married couples look at what they are currently experiencing and can’t help thinking back to the ideal marriage they once envisioned, and they begin to wonder how they can renew and strengthen their relationship, or regain the bond they once had.

At LIFE Marriage Retreats, we design our couples marriage Retreats with certain questions in mind. The yearning for a higher, healthier relationship is a universal desire. But when scouting for the best marriage Retreat, what you should consider, and what a successful Retreat will take into account, are these three questions:

  1. What kind of relationship results are you looking for?
  2. How do you create lasting change in your relationship?
  3. What factors contribute to a successful, fulfilling retreat?

What Results Are You Looking for? The Foundation to an Enduring Marriage

Gerry and Margo Dye and the LIFE team have a track record of professional and personal accomplishment in couples’ counseling and relationship renewal. They founded LIFE Marriage Retreats more than seven years ago to provide a unique couples retreat that would enable marriage partners to achieve ambitious marriage goals, such as:

  • An increased understanding and appreciation for each other
  • Growing trust, stemming from an expanding sense of peace and security in the relationship
  • Meaningful and effective communication, leading to resolution of relationship issues
  • Effectively dealing with and setting aside feelings of resentment
  • A greater awareness and concern for one another
  • An improved ability to deal with past challenges and to focus on the opportunities of the present
  • A shared vision for the future, along with the skills and tools to make that vision a reality
  • A  fulfilling emotional and physical intimacy

How to Effect Real Change in Your Relationship

Partners can enjoy an increase in closeness on any well-managed married couples retreat. It’s maintaining that feeling and creating lasting change in your relationship that is the key to longstanding success in any marriage. That’s why our LIFE marital Retreats aren’t designed simply as an escape, but as an opportunity to collect powerful experiences based on our training retreat principles. Some of the keys to the effectiveness of a LIFE Marriage Retreat include:

  1. Time. Our four-day Retreat provides the necessary time for the principles and skills you learn and experience to gain full traction in your heart and the relationship.
  2. Location. It does make a difference. Our Retreat locations help create an environment where healing occurs, trust grows, and communication reaches the highest level. Sharing a special Retreat experience in a peaceful, beautiful, uplifting setting will set the stage for a lifetime of growth and unity.
  3. Learning. Part of the foundation of a LIFE Marriage Retreat is the experiential learning process in which you not only learn, but experience the essential principles and skills of successful relationships. At a LIFE marriage retreat, you’re offered the finest curriculum, along with innovative experiential training and a world-class personal counseling and coaching process.
  4. Post Retreat Support. Permanent change requires more than the effort of a few days. Our LIFE AfterCare program will help ensure your continued growth and progress following the retreat.
  5. Commitment. Our commitment to serve you combined with your commitment to your marriage is a primary determinant when it comes to your success. That commitment and the principles and skills learned at the marriage retreat will unlock the strength and wisdom necessary to accomplish your goals.

What Other Factors Contribute to an Enriching Marriage Retreat?

Beyond the bedrock principles underlying LIFE Marriage Retreats’ coaching and training, we also go the extra mile to provide a variety of rewarding, cost-effective, and personalized opportunities for you and your partner:

  • We limit attendance to just a few couples for our small group retreats to ensure plenty of personal attention and private sessions. We also offer private retreats for those who might prefer that setting.
  • We host our retreats in beautiful facilities where couples enjoy fine dining and their own private bed/bath suite.
  • Our pricing is all-inclusive. The revitalizing effects of a retreat can be diluted by concerns over arranging and paying for accommodations, food and other needs. That is why all of your accommodations, activities, dining, training, private sessions, and post-retreat coaching are included in one reasonable price.

Schedule One of Our Rewarding LIFE Marriage Retreats Today

LIFE offers the best marriage retreats, tailored to deepen your relationship and improve the communication between you and your partner. For an enriching couples retreat, San Diego provides a stunning backdrop to your journey to a stronger, more fulfilling marriage.

So whether your marriage is in deep distress, or you are simply looking to find the next level of happiness in your relationship, take part in a LIFE Marriage Retreat. Utah locations are available, or you can attend one of our marriage counseling retreats in the peaceful Texas Hill Country.

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