Reasons Why LIFE Marriage Retreats Work

LMR6A new study reveals startling statistics about divorce in the U.S. According to the Minnesota Population Center, divorce rates are higher than previously imagined among older people. Baby boomers who are on their second or third marriages are divorcing at a high rate. However, “two thirds of divorces can be prevented with education and intervention.”1

Where will you be educated? What intervention will make the difference in your relationship?

LIFE Marriage Retreats—as opposed to other marriage retreats in Dallas, Texas—offers comprehensive marriage retreats to help couples create lasting change and a lifetime of growth.

LIFE helps couples achieve their marriage objectives by being dedicated to these Training Retreat principles:

   •             Time

•             Place

•             Learning

•             Support

•             Commitment

The four-day format provides couples with the focused time needed to reconnect and to begin using the principles and skills being learned. The location and environment are also crucial to fostering an atmosphere where healing occurs, trust grows, and communication flourishes. In our beautiful locations you will experience a sense of harmony and feel peace and connection come into your lives and relationship.

But no matter how beautiful the locale, the couple’s success will depend upon what is being taught and the processes used. Participants will discover, learn, and internalize the principles and skills that define every successful relationship, delivered through the finest curriculum and innovative experiential training techniques that allow the couple to experience and practice the principles and skills on a hands-on level

Plus, LIFE offers ongoing support, first through personal support in private sessions during the retreat, then through post-retreat coaching that helps ensure continued accountability, permanent change, and ongoing relationship growth. The couple’s dedication combined with LIFE’s support leads to a lasting commitment to the relationship in the long-term.

If you are looking for marriage retreats in Dallas, check out LIFE Marriage Retreats close by.



1 Minnesota Population Center



Rekindling in Sundance

Rekindling in SundanceRekindling In Sundance

Sundance, Utah, located in majestic pine and aspen forest mountains, is a four-season wonderland. Wildlife, waterfalls, glaciers, and other gifts from nature come together to create perfection, whether covered in the wildflowers of summer or the sparkling snow of winter. Sundance is a perfect location for a LIFE Marriage Retreat. Marriage retreats are a wonderful, safe place to reconnect with your spouse, resolve issues and resentments, and rekindle romance that may have been eroded by time and busy lives. If you are researching marriage retreats Utah is a great place to start. Here are a few reasons why.

  1. Get closer to the stars and closer to your spouse: You might have forgotten the simple pleasure of gazing up at stars with your loved one by your side. In the clean air of the mountains of Utah the stars shine bright and clear whether from the hot tub or back deck rocking chairs. Create such moments both day and night in this special place of peace and beauty.
  2. Feel the adventure: Some of the experiential activities of LIFE Marriage Retreats will take you to the center of Utah nature and outdoor fun. You will love the surroundings of Sundance. Many hiking trails in the area lead to waterfalls, caves, and mountain ponds just waiting to be discovered. Take the opportunity to hike hand-in-hand while enjoying the mountain wildlife and feeling stress fade and commitment reestablished.
  3. Beautiful in every season: Sundance, Utah, is near the home of the 2002 Winter Olympics and is recognized as a great winter escape. And things stay lively in the other seasons with hiking, biking, fishing, and a hundred other soul satisfying activities. Come during the winter and stay a few extra days to ski at any of the local resorts, or take some extra time in the summer to climb to the top of majestic Mount Timpanogos.

When it comes to marriage retreats, Utah has one of the best locations available. It is an amazing place to heal your relationship and rekindle your romance. With the help and guidance of LIFE Marriage Retreats, your time at Sundance will be a lasting and memorable experience. It is even the site of our lowest-priced retreat of the four available locations, making our Sundance, Utah, mountain cabin the best deal for your wallet and your marriage.

For more information on our marriage retreats in Sundance and other locations, visit our website or contact us. We would love to help you rediscover what is best about one another and your relationship romance and serve you on your way to marital joy and success.