Finding Counseling Retreats for Married CouplesHolding Hands Beach

Counseling retreats for married couples might have some interesting connotations for those who have seen the film Couples Retreat (2009). Couples attending that fictional retreat ranged, from those genuinely seeking marriage therapies to those just looking for a cheap vacation in a beautiful locale.

In the real world, couples attend couples retreats to strengthen their relationships and to overcome issues of conflict, things that can benefit any marriage or other committed relationship.

What to Look for When Choosing a Counseling Retreat

  1. The company and Professionals you work with: In addition to experience and professionalism, do you sense that they really care about you and your relationship?
  2. Methodology and Time: Does the Retreat and the way it works with couples to help them achieve their relationship objectives resonate with you? Is the Retreat long enough to allow positive change to gain firm traction in your relationship?
  3. Small Group or Private Retreats: Can you be sure of plenty of personal attention and private sessions if you choose a group Retreat? Is there a private one-on-one Retreat option?
  4. Long Term Accountability: Is there a commitment by the company, as part of the Retreat benefits, to provide professional support and counsel following the Retreat?
  5. Location: Can you expect a location filled with beauty and harmony, conducive to the growth and healing you deserve?
  6. A True Retreat Environment with All-Inclusive Pricing: Can you count on a true Retreat experience that provides each couple with bed and bath suite, fine dining, world class training and activities, highly effective private sessions, as well as outstanding post-Retreat support?

LIFE Marriage Retreats is Your Most Effective Option

  1. Gerry and Margo Dye have been hosting the best counseling Retreats for couples for over seven years and have helped hundreds of couples achieve their highest relationship objectives.
  2. LIFE processes and principle and skill-based methodology follow a natural course that leads to lasting relationship growth and change. Our four-day Retreat seems to be the perfect length for couples to reach their goals.
  3. LIFE offers both Small Group and Private Retreat settings. Small group Retreats include only 3-5 couples.
  4. The LIFE AfterCare program helps ensure lasting change through personalized counseling and support following the Retreat.
  5. The beautiful and peaceful locations of LIFE Retreats include the beaches of San Diego, California; the alpine mountains of Sundance, Utah; and the green rolling hills and lakes of the Texas Hill Country.
  6. The true Retreat experience and all-inclusive pricing offered by LIFE remove the stress and will lead to special trust and bonding with those working with you at the Retreat.

Reach for Success as a Couple with LIFE Marriage Retreats

Whether you find your marriage in deep distress, or are simply looking to strengthen your relationship and find that higher and happier ground you crave, plan on joining us for LIFE’s counseling retreats for married couples. We offer the best marriage enrichment retreat you’ll ever experience.

For a great Southwest marriage retreat, Texas offers the beautiful and peaceful surroundings of the Hill Country. Or for the perfect coastal couples counseling retreat, California provides the healing backdrop of ocean and beach. And for a splendid mountain marriage retreat, Utah gives breathtaking mountain vistas.

Contact us for more information or to schedule a marriage-empowering retreat today.