Rescuing Trust Digital Course + Support

I’m Gerry Dye and I will be your host and instructor for the LIFE Course, “Rescuing Trust.” My wife Margo and I started LIFE Family Trainings and LIFE Marriage Retreats, 15 years ago with the understanding that trust is an essential cornerstone of any happy marriage.

What’s Included:

  • 14 video sections averaging about 24 minutes each in length. Each section is filled with proven principles, skills, and instruction designed to guide you and your partner on the path to restoring trust.
  • 180 slides will help you to thoroughly learn and understand.
  • Dozens of real-life couples and their experiences to show how their choices, ways of thinking, and behaviors damaged their precious trusting relationship.
  • Tools, skills, and principles that those same couples used to achieve near miraculous results of growing and thriving trust in their marriages.
  • Downloadable workbook that will help you turn the principles and skills you are learning into practical programs and life patterns that are guaranteed to lift your relationship to new heights.
  • 1 hour relationship mentoring with Gerry Dye.
  • 3 months of email support.