Finding Hope through a Marriage Counseling Retreat

Peace and healing are within reach when you and your spouse attend the right marriage counseling retreat. No matter the state of your marriage, even those in deepest distress, there is a way to move beyond the past and find a common path into a happier future.

Whether you are a couple on the brink of ending your relationship or just long for a happier, more fulfilling marriage, you will find healing and the guidance you seek at a LIFE Marriage Retreat. If you’ve tried everything else and nothing has worked, you can still have hope as you attend one of our couples counseling Retreats. At our beautiful Retreat locations, you will discover bedrock principles and highly effective skills and tools focused learning, fun and exciting experiential activities and highly effective private one-on-one sessions.

Here is what previous Retreat couples said about their experience:

  • “I learned so many things that I had never even thought about or realized were so crucial to our marriage relationship. Every day was a new experience.” –Tracy, California
  • “The private sessions were truly remarkable! This was where I experienced the most ‘ahh-hahh’ moments and where we moved further along as a couple than we ever have before with regard to our issues and challenges.” –Ammi, New York
  • “The Life Retreat was amazing, but the skills we brought home and the follow-up support is what is taking us to the next level in our marriage.” –Cindy
  • “. . . The things I have learned at the Retreat have made me a better husband, a better father, and a better man.” –Vernon, Maryland

What to Expect at a LIFE Marriage Retreat

Clear communication and finding the power to resolve resentment, reestablish trust, and forgive and move on are some of the powerful fundamental principles that lie at the heart of every strong marriage. These are principles that LIFE Marriage Retreats builds upon every day during a Retreat. The highest level of communication you have ever experienced will lead to clarity into one another’s perspectives as well as a healthy sense of accountability, leading the way to renewed trust. In the light of that trust your relationship will heal and develop into something stronger and more beautiful than ever before.

Whether you opt for a private Retreat experience or one shared with a small group, no more than three to six couples, a LIFE Marriage Retreat is covered by one all-inclusive price and includes:

  • Private bedroom and bath accommodations
  • Fine dining
  • Exciting, experiential activities
  • World-class training by experienced marriage counselors
  • Daily private sessions
  • Post-Retreat AfterCare Program

Great Location, Great Experience

In addition to marriage counseling by trained marriage counselors and coaches with years of experience, LIFE Marriage Retreats offers a quality selection of dazzling locations for your Retreat. To experience the change necessary to renew your relationship, it helps to “retreat” from your daily stresses to a place of beauty, where the harmony of nature and the comfort of our accommodations provide the perfect sense of peace. In this safe haven, you can recover from past hurts and disappointments and reconnect with your spouse in a way you never have before.

LIFE Marriage Retreats offers four-day Retreats at the following locations:

  1. 1.       San Diego, California. Our San Diego area beach house boasts the perfect climate and is situated right on the sand. Additionally, San Diego is a central location for people from all parts of California or the Intermountain West. You can drive from Arizona or Nevada in a few hours, or fly into the San Diego International Airport, the Long Beach Airport, or Orange County, and still reach our San Diego location within an hour.
  2. 2.       Sundance, Utah. There’s something so peaceful and invigorating about the mountains. The smell of pines will fill your soul with new energy. Located only an hour away from the Salt Lake City International Airport, Sundance, Utah provides quick, easily access to the breathtaking Utah peaks. Couples from surrounding states such as Colorado, Nevada, and Idaho will find the drive to Sundance to be easy and beautiful.
  3. 3.       Texas Hill Country. Nestled in one of Texas’s most beautiful locales, Texas Hill Country is a place full of the graciousness and hospitality Texans are famous for. More often than not, our Texas Retreats take place at a beautiful lake house at Lake LBJ just 45 miles west of Austin. Texas Hill Country is convenient to Texas, Louisiana and a large part of the Southwest and Gulf Coast.
  4. 4.       Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. If you and your spouse are more partial to tropical weather, sandy beaches and swaying palm trees, Cabo is most definitely the Retreat for you. Located less than an hour from the San Jose del Cabo or SJD airport, Cabo delivers our most deluxe Retreat experience (private and two-couple Retreats only).

For Your LIFE Marriage Counseling Retreat, Call 877-376-7127

There is hope for your marriage. Let us help you. LIFE Marriage Retreats are designed to give the most challenging of marriages the power to survive and thrive. A marriage counseling Retreat will change your marriage in ways that a simple counseling session can’t. When it comes to couples counseling, San Diego, Sundance, Cabo and Texas Hill Country provide a chance for a fresh start. Contact us today for more details, or to register for one of our upcoming Retreats for couples.