Couples’ Counseling, San Diego

If your marriage is struggling and you’re not sure what steps to take to improve or save it – or if you wonder whether there is hope to make things better – then you have reached the point where you need couples’ counseling. San Diego Marriage Retreats, offered by LIFE Marriage Retreats, provide life-changing support toward healing marital pain and finding a way to that happier, higher ground you deserve.

Marriage Retreats are designed to remove couples from their regular environment into one where they can focus on relationship growth and change. At a LIFE Marriage Retreat you will experience the highest level of communication and a growing trust and emotional connection.  Couples that have attended LIFE Marriage Retreats have seen results like the following:

  • Deeper Understanding – You and your spouse will find a greater sense of clarity regarding one another’s perspectives and feelings, leading to resolution of issues and problems.
  • Peace and Security – As you earn each other’s trust you will both experience feelings of relationship safety and a sense of peace and security.
  • Satisfying Emotional and Physical Intimacy- You will rediscover the joy of meaningful and respectful interaction.
  • Shared Vision – You will together define your relationship and future commitments and goals.
  • Relationship Joy and Fun—You will remember why you fell in love and experience again the deep contentment that can be found in a committed relationship.

Creating the Best Counseling Retreat Experience

There are key elements that make LIFE Marriage Retreats your best option in building the relationship of your dreams. Discovering and experiencing these powerful principles lead to healing and trust. This is why LIFE Marriage Retreats offers both private Retreat experiences and small group Retreats involving no more than three to five couples; we want to have all the time necessary to focus on you and your relationship challenges and opportunities. Allowing each couple to decide what setting will best benefit their marriage allows for greater flexibility and an opportunity to find real, lasting solutions.

Important factors that come with every LIFE Marriage Retreat include:

  • Beautiful Locations – We offer beautiful seaside and mountain Retreat locations with private bedroom and bathroom accommodations and fine dining options.
  • One-on-One Sessions – Whether you opt for a private Retreat or a small group Retreat, every couple receives private one-on-one counseling with trained and caring professionals interested in helping you and your spouse reconnect and overcome past emotional injuries.
  • Exciting Experiential Activities – LIFE Marriage couples Retreats involve you in activities that are both fun and help incorporate the principles you are learning.
  • Free Time – Couples need time to themselves to find that connection they are seeking, so they can renew their relationship and begin walking that path to recovery together.
  • All-Inclusive Price – We remove as many distractions as possible from your Retreat so you can focus on your relationship. Our all-inclusive pricing provides for all the costs of the Retreat so you don’t have to worry about separate arrangements or hidden costs.
  • AfterCare Support – Even after an incredible Retreat experience, you will find challenges sometimes confronting your relationship. To help you stay on track toward your goals and dreams, the LIFE counselors you worked with at the Retreat will support you in effective and personal ways following the Retreat

Find Peace in San Diego with LIFE Marriage Retreats

LIFE Marriage Retreats provides San Diego marriage counseling retreats that take place in a beach house on the sand of a lovely stretch of the Pacific Ocean. San Diego is an easy drive from Arizona and Nevada, and also provides great accessibility for couples flying in for the Retreat.

The San Diego beach house allows us to provide a perfect melding of comfort and nature, so that the peaceful environment can give couples the opportunity to enjoy a harmonious atmosphere where growth, renewal and healing is possible. The climate is perfect, the beach and the ocean provide a gorgeous backdrop with the surf to provide nature’s own music.

Call 877-376-7127 to Schedule a Couples’ Counseling Retreat in Beautiful San Diego

If you’re in need of couples counseling, San Diego is calling to you. LIFE Marriage Retreats also offers retreats for couples in Texas Hill Country, Sundance, UT, and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. But more important than our locations are the principles and skills you learn during your marriage counseling Retreat. There is hope and safety where you and your partner can feel connected again, where you can learn to trust and be trusted. Schedule your San Diego couples counseling retreat today.