Marriage Retreat, San Diego: Rediscovering your Relationship

No matter where your relationship is today—reeling from a loss of trust, struggling to communicate on a meaningful level, or simply seeking to rekindle lost feelings and intimacy—you should consider a marriage retreat. San Diego, California is one of several prime locations that LIFE Marriage Retreats has selected for couples who want the perfect environment for healing and relationship counseling.

At LIFE, we have found that a beautiful natural setting helps provide a calming and safe backdrop for the principles and skills we teach, and for the experiential nature of our Retreat. What better place to find healing than a seashell-covered beach caressed by the gentle sea breeze and the soothing rush of the waves? Choosing our couples retreat in San Diego gives you an opportunity like no other to renew your connection to each other and rediscover the joy of your relationship.

What to Expect at a LIFE Marriage Retreat

LIFE Marriage Retreats offers couples attending our small group Retreats the opportunity to achieve their highest relationship objectives. A LIFE retreat strikes the perfect balance for those looking for marriage counseling in San Diego. You can expect to experience:

  • Learning and experiencing the principles and skills that define every successful relationship.
  • Activities that are enjoyable and, more importantly, create key hands-on learning moments regarding principles such as communication, trust, and accountability.
  • Highly effective private sessions with experienced and caring professionals.
  • Our acclaimed AfterCare program in which we will continue working with you in the important months following the Retreat.

You will also experience and appreciate the all-inclusive nature of our marriage Retreats as you enjoy your own private bed and bath suite in a beautiful beach house; an outstanding dining experience, and amenities that will make for a pleasurable and memorable beachfront stay.

By stepping out of their daily routine and stresses and into the peace and safety of the environment of our San Diego Retreat, couples discover a unique chance to bond as they learn to communicate at the highest level and reestablish trust in the relationship with help from our professional coaches and counselors.

Guidance from LIFE Professionals

LIFE marriage retreats are unlike any other because they are based on proven and unchanging principles and skills of happy and successful marriages. Among other strides couples make at the Retreat they experience:

  1. 1.       Communication at the highest level they have ever experienced. That communication is safe, meaningful, and enormously productive. Couples practice the skills and principles that they will take home and use.
  2. 2.       Perspective. As couples develop clarity of one another’s perspective they will feel understood, validated, and emotionally connected. This will lead to better and more lasting solutions to relationship issues.
  3. 3.       Accountability. Couples discover healing as they each take appropriate accountability for the relationship and let go of defensiveness and the need to be right.

Couples are guided through a natural experience of using these and other key principles to build a strong foundation upon which their marriage can feel safe and secure.

Register for a LIFE Marriage Retreat Today

There is hope for healing and happiness at LIFE Marriage Retreats. When it comes to picking a marriage retreat, San Diego is one of the best locations on earth.  A married couples’ retreat is an answer to a struggling marriage. Escape from the pressures of daily life and take a breather on the beach with a marriage couples retreat. Don’t wait to schedule your enrichment couples retreat in beautiful San Diego. Contact us here or call us at (877)376-7127.