The Simplest Relationship Tools are the Best — Try Simple Kindness

Why do we have so much trouble remembering some of the simple things we learned in Kindergarten? Kids seem to intuitively know that a dollop of kindness will make everyone happier; and drawing names and being and serving a “Secret Friend” for a few days is about as fun as it gets. Likewise we at LIFE Marriage Retreats have never worked with a relationship where the introduction of the most basic forms of kindness was not a huge factor in sweeping away years worth of built-up resentments and hurt.

This week commit to bring a healthy dose of human kindness into your relationship. Look for those things that are best (or even just a little OK) with your partner and praise them for it. Don’t forget that “Please” and “Thank You” never go out of style. And it’s easy to use a kind tone of voice as opposed to one of impatience or anger.

Perform a little act of kindness or two each day for your loved one. Two or three times a day I will receive a small surprise service from Margo–sometimes she has done one of my chores for me, or maybe simply has my toothbrush already pasted and waiting for me at bedtime. It doesn’t have to be a big thing to let someone know you care. Try some extra kindness and patience for a few days and we guarantee that you will bring a greater level of peace into your home and into your own life.