Private Marriage Counseling Retreats

Have you ever felt in your marriage as if you are standing on the bank of a river or edge of a chasm where there is no bridge, and yearned to get to the other side? You can see your partner and ideal relationship in the distance, but do not know how to cross the obstacles that separate you from your dreams. Have hope because a bridge can be built and LIFE Marriage Retreats can help you build it.

No two marriages are alike, which is why attending private marriage counseling retreats may be the answer for your relationship and the bridge you need to build. Our LIFE small group Marriage Retreats are highly effective, but depending on your personal preferences, personality, and needs, a private marriage retreat can be the perfect experience you are looking for.

A private Retreat allows LIFE and you to set the perfect pace and rhythm of the Retreat with teaching, activities, and counseling sessions tailored to your specific needs and objectives as a couple.

The Benefits of Private Marriage Retreats

Many marriage retreat options entail large groups in impersonal settings. They are often held at hotels or auditoriums in locations far from any sense of natural peace and harmony.

A four-day LIFE Private Marriage Counseling Retreat is on the opposite end of that spectrum:

  • Focus- At a LIFE Private Retreat you will work directly with Gerry and Margo Dye, founders of LIFE Marriage Retreats, and the focus will be on you and your relationship. Every aspect of the Retreat is directed at helping you to achieve your relationship objectives—both in dealing with the current challenges of the marriage as well as building the relationship of your dreams. At a LIFE four day Retreat you will have all the time you need to be successful.
  • Locations- The environment of your retreat does make a difference. Our couples always tell us that, “The ambiance and beauty of the surroundings enhanced the healing and learning processes of the Retreat.” We offer a San Diego beachfront location, a beautiful alpine mountain setting in Sundance, Utah, and the magnificent Texas Hill country. We also offer a very special deluxe retreat setting at our Cabo San Lucas, Mexico location
  • Scheduling- A private retreat allows you to select a date that best fits your calendar rather than being tied to pre-set dates.

LIFE Marriage Retreats AfterCare Program

LIFE Marriage Retreats offers private and small group intensive marriage counseling Retreats. Through our years of experience we have developed curriculum, activities, and processes that lead the industry and have helped hundreds of couples achieve their relationship dreams.

One key element of your Retreat will actually occur after the event through our AfterCare program as we continue working with you to help you stay accountable to your commitments and vision for the future.

  1. During the Retreat you will create your Second Journey Document, a representation of your dreams for the future, the key efforts necessary to achieve those dreams, and the expression of your personal and relationship accountability.
  2. Through a series of Skype contacts, LIFE will follow up with you in the months following the Retreat, helping you to remain accountable to your commitments and vision, and helping you through challenges you might experience.
  3. As the couple stays accountable to their relationship and Retreat experience, they will experience Lasting Positive Growth and Change.

Call 877-376-7127 to Schedule LIFE Private Marriage Counseling Retreats

Private marriage counseling retreats are the perfect step towards a stronger marital relationship. In the privacy of a safe and beautiful setting, you can renew intimacy with your spouse as you build healthy and honest communication and strengthen eroded trust. Whether your marriage is in deep distress, or you are simply looking to strengthen and grow your relationship, join us at a LIFE private couples retreat.

LIFE Marriage Retreats offers the best private couples retreats, tailored to heal your marriage and create a rich and fulfilling relationship. Contact us for more details about our LIFE Marriage Retreats.