3 Ways Couples Find Success at LIFE Marriage Retreats

Couples RetreatsFor some couples, it’s difficult to find couples retreats that actually help repair relationships and that reunite husbands and wives in love and harmony. Fortunately, that’s not the case with couples that attend LIFE marriage retreats.

If your marriage is on the brink of despair and destruction, you can find hope. Hundreds of other couples before you have saved their marriage through their commitment to their relationship and the remarkable support of LIFE Marriage Retreats in providing the environment, experiential training, and private counseling sessions that lead to the success they sought. The following three examples show specific ways you will find success at LIFE marriage retreats:

  1.       Couples set high relationship objectives. We work with couples before their Retreat to help them set realistic but lofty goals and objectives for what they want to achieve at the Retreat, both on a personal and relationship level.  It is our experience that couples truly committed to rebuilding their relationship find lasting positive change at the Retreat and find their way to the higher and happier ground they crave. Husbands and wives that want to resolve the issues of their past and develop a greater awareness of and love for each other, and that are striving for a warm and fulfilling emotional and physical intimacy rediscover those gifts at a LIFE retreat. We will help you to come with an open mind and heart and a willingness to achieve the relationship objectives you’ve set.
  2.       They embrace each component of the retreat. Couples who see the most success at LIFE retreats are the ones who put both feet in, so to speak, during the experiential activities, one-on-one counseling sessions, and small group sessions. Together, you and your spouse will embrace each element of the Retreat with a sense of hope and trust, knowing that LIFE Retreats provide these one-of-a-kind experiences knowing the positive effect they will have on you both as you truly engage yourselves.
  3.       They participate in the AfterCare program. Once couples leave the retreat, they are not left on their own to hope that everything they’ve learned will stick. The LIFE counselors they worked with will schedule follow-up phone or Skype sessions to check in, help you to remain accountable to your commitments and direction,  and offer additional support. If you are willing to participate in these after-care sessions and be accountable for the relationship goals they’ve set, they will undoubtedly see growth and happiness in their marriage.

LIFE couples retreats have helped hundreds of couples seeking hope for their marriages find success. If you’ve been looking for a marriage retreat that will help you and your spouse repair the damage in your relationship and find joy again, call now. You can book your retreat today by calling (877) 376-7127 or by visiting lifemarriageretreats.com.