LIFE Marital Retreats Bring Hope to a Marriage

Marital Retreats offer you and your spouse the hope for healing and renewal you’ve been longing for. Don’t give in to despair. Whether you’ve lost a sense of connection and intimacy through years of complacency, or you’re not sure you can trust your partner again, there are ways to heal and reconnect with each other.

Retreats for married couples provide the safe, relaxing atmosphere and deeply experienced counseling needed for you and your partner to break away from daily stress and focus on each other. Here are just a few examples of the healing and hope couples have experienced through a LIFE marriage enrichment Retreat:

  • A deeper perspective and understanding of one another’s feelings and points of view
  • An ability to deal lovingly with each other while resolving challenges and issues
  • An understanding of how effective communication truly works
  • A shared vision for the future and a willingness to work toward that vision
  • A fulfilling and lasting emotional and physical intimacy

Lasting Positive Change is Possible

Perhaps you’re worried that these healing effects will only last a few weeks until everyday stresses once again seeps into your relationship and old habits return. That doesn’t have to be the case!

Whether in a small-group or private Retreat setting, couples who participate in a LIFE married couples Retreat discover principles that are designed to change habits and teach you how to renew your relationship. Here are a few methods we use that enable these relationship-renewing principles to take root in your life:

  1. 1.       Through personal support. Private sessions during the Retreat and post-Retreat coaching through the LIFE AfterCare program provide couples with both determination and guidance so that they can continue their growth together. These sessions also offer the support and care needed to keep each couple’s accountability level high.
  2. 2.       Through your commitment and accountability to the relationship. As you engage in a LIFE Marriage Retreat, trust will grow and you will discover a renewed commitment to the marriage that, when joined by LIFE’s commitment to serve your relationship, will lead to strength, wisdom, and success.
  3. 3.       Through quality time. Spending quality time together is necessary in keeping your relationship healthy and alive. At a LIFE Marriage Retreat, you learn how to create time together that will bring closeness and even the fun back into your marriage.
  4. 4.       Through beautiful environments. Location is crucial when it comes to marital Retreats. Experience a safe haven of peace and beauty that will contribute to the healing and change you seek.
  5. 5.       Through hands-on learning. Sometimes it’s not enough to just receive counseling. At a quality marriage Retreat like ours, you’re given the chance to discover and internalize the principles and skills you’re taught through varied learning processes including engaging in enjoyable experiential  activities.

LIFE Marriage Retreat’s AfterCare Program

At LIFE Marriage Retreats, we not only offer support, commitment and hands-on learning; we are also caring marriage coaches and counselors with years of experience in providing help to troubled couples in all states of distress. These same experienced professionals are deeply invested in your success, providing help for married couples through our AfterCare Program. Couples who register for one of our Retreats can expect the following once the Retreat is over:

  • A Vision Document that outlines your shared relationship vision and commitments made to one another. This document will serve as the core of a clear and cohesive plan for your continued growth
  • Consistent post-Retreat sessions with LIFE counselors and coaches who will continue their work with you as they support your continued growth.
  • Enduring positive growth and change as the LIFE staff keeps you accountable for commitments you have made while helping you through the challenges that will sometimes arise.

Beautiful LIFE Marriage Retreat Locations

Retreating to a safe haven to find refuge and new reserves of emotional strength is part of any LIFE Marriage Retreat. We select gorgeous locations close to nature so that the natural harmony can complement the peace and renewal you find on your Retreat. Our Retreat locations include:

  • Sundance, UT. Enjoy the wonders of this spectacular cabin setting amid mountain peaks adorned with aspens, pines and crystal-clear streams. The cabin is situated above Robert Redford’s famous four-season Sundance Resort, only a one-hour drive away from Salt Lake International Airport.
  • Texas Hill Country. Located just an hour outside Austin, Texas, this lovely lake home on the shores of Lake LBJ provides visitors with one of the most beautiful backdrops in Texas.
  • San Diego. With its fantastic beaches and ideal climate, our San Diego beach house Retreat offers the best Retreat setting that Southern California has to offer. Only two hours away from Los Angeles, the LIFE Marriage Retreats beach house is located right on the sand.
  • Cabo, San Lucas, Mexico. Our Cabo location is in a magnificent home built into the cliffs over the Sea of Cortez and is a mere 40 minutes away from the nearest airport.

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LIFE Marriage Retreats is here to help you on your journey back to healing and health. There is hope for your marriage. It can be saved through one of our marital Retreats. We know that a couples counseling Retreat can truly make a lasting difference in your life. LIFE Marriage Retreats offers some of the best marriage Retreats for couples who have tried everything else.

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