Is a Private Marriage Retreat Right for You?

You will face many important decisions when considering the best marriage help program for your relationship, including choosing between group and private marriage retreats.

LIFE Marriage Retreats  has a unique perspective on this choice since we offer both four-day small group and four-day private marriage retreats. While either type of program can be highly effective in meeting your retreat objectives, the more you know the better your selection will likely be.

Considerations between a group and a private retreat include:

• Preferences and personality of the couple, and each partner
• Relationship needs and objectives
• Scheduling and location needs
• Budget

Preferences and Personality

Couples attending a LIFE small group couples retreat do not share their personal issues with one another (those are shared only in private sessions with LIFE counselors) but even with that expectation of privacy for sensitive issues, some couples feel most comfortable working on their relationship in a completely private setting.

Some couples might also prefer to develop their own unique rhythm for the retreat, helping staff to customize the schedule and focus of the event to help meet the couples’ objectives. While every LIFE small group retreat is customized to a significant degree to reflect the needs of the group, that customization goes to the highest degree in a private retreat.

Relationship Needs and Objectives

While the level of relationship distress should not be the deciding factor in which retreat you choose, it does play a part. Most couples we work with are at a high level of relationship distress, and we consistently see them achieve their objectives, regardless of the retreat they choose.

But you know your relationship and its issues, as well as the resentments and damaged trust you are experiencing. A private retreat will help ensure there is plenty of time to address every challenge and explore every opportunity for your relationship.

Flexible Scheduling and Locations

Private marriage retreats can be scheduled at mutually convenient times at our beautiful locations  in Sundance, Utah, San Diego, and the Texas Hill Country. In some instances we can expand the selection of locations to better meet the couple’s needs. For example, we offer a special deluxe marriage retreat in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.


While LIFE private marriage retreats are an extraordinary value, they are priced higher than our small group marriage programs.

All LIFE Marriage Retreats offer all-inclusive pricing that covers:
• A pre-Retreat call with us to help you prepare for the experience
• A private bed and bath suite in a beautiful beach house or mountain cabin
• All meals (the dining experience is outstanding)
• The Training
• Private Sessions
• All activities associated with the Retreat
• Post-Retreat support through our outstanding AfterCare program to help the couple ensure lasting positive change

Prices vary depending on location selected and other variables. Whether you are seeking a deluxe private retreat or a more affordable program, LIFE will create a custom retreat experience to help meet your objectives. Please contact us and we will help you determine if a private retreat is best for you and provide you with an exact quote.

Call 877-376-7127 to Schedule the Best Private Marriage Retreat with LIFE

No matter which LIFE Retreat you choose, you can be assured of an optimal experience that will assist you in meeting your loftiest relationship objectives. If you select a LIFE private marriage retreat, you will be selecting the finest retreat available. Call us today.