Fortune Cookie Wisdom

I have shared with many of our couples a bit of what I call “fortune cookie wisdom”.undefined  When I was first engaged to my wife I went through a period of doubt.  I repeatedly asked myself whether I would be happy with her or if she was right for me.  On one particular evening I was experiencing these feelings of uncertainty while on a double date at a Chinese Restaurant.  At the conclusion of the meal, I broke open my fortune cookie and read my fortune.  It read, “Stop looking for happiness.  It is right beside you.”  

I was immediately impressed by this so-called fortune because my soon to be wife was literally sitting right beside me.  Did the cookie know my future?  Of course not.  The point is that happiness is a choice that we make and is not dependent on the alignment of the stars or any other method of divination.  

I imagine you are visiting this blog because you are looking for opportunities to improve your marriage or committed relationship.  Somehow, your relationship has degraded from a state of safety and commitment to a state of pain and waivering devotion.  Have the stars conspired against you?  Are you destined to be miserable?  My answer for you is a resounding NO.  

After reading my fortune and looking at my wife for a brief moment I decided then and there that I was going to be happy with her as my wife.  And you know what?  I certainly have been.  

At LIFE Marriage retreats we teach many principles.  A few of them encompass our freedom to choose.  Whatever state your relationship is in, we can help, but more importantly, you can help by choosing to bring happiness into your life.

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