What do You Want to Trust?

A Craving for Trust We often instruct our couples to ask themselves a couple of questions: I invite you to ask yourself and answer these same questions. They will give you a sense of direction in your quest to build a trustworthy and trusting marriage. The two questions are, “What do I want to be […]

Trust and the Cycle of Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors

(In anticipation of LIFE’s upcoming online course, Rescuing Trust, we are dedicating some of the next few weeks blog posts to the principles of restoring marital trust. This is part 2) Martin and Bonny We had the opportunity at a LIFE Marriage Retreat to work with Martin and Bonnie, a down to earth couple from […]

Rescuing Trust (part 1)

LIFE Marriage Retreats will soon be releasing an online course dedicated to helping couples suffering from eroding or broken trust to rebuild relationship trust to the very highest levels. In anticipation of that release, we will focus on some crucial elements of trust in this blog in the coming weeks. Trust Is a Matter of […]

10 Things to Say to Your Husband When Marriage Feels Hard

Can you help me understand? Asking for more understanding in a gentle way is much better than assuming he’s feeling a certain way or acting out because of something you did. Be genuine when you ask—make sure you’re asking because you truly want to know and not just because you know you should ask. Hopefully […]