Couples’ Counseling Retreat: Finding Hope for Your Marriage

A couples’ counseling Retreat provides hope and renewal even for those couples who have tried everything else and whose relationship is still in distress.

If your marriage has reached a point where trust and communication have waned, it can be difficult not to feel hopeless or trapped. Many couples are searching desperately for answers and a new start for their relationship on higher, happier ground. A LIFE Couples Counseling Retreat will lead to healing and renewal of your relationship and establishment of a foundation for lasting positive change in your lives and marriage.

Attending a LIFE Couples Retreat

Our marriage counseling Retreats help couples that might feel they have nowhere else to turn. Couples are often confronted with issues and differing perspectives that need to be addressed in a healthy way, but it can be difficult getting past the built up resentments and miscommunications. The right Retreat will guide you to re-open communication with your partner so that problems can be addressed and resolved on a meaningful level.

Retreats can also help couples overcome devastating betrayals of trust, such as infidelity, and the resulting pain and loss of trust. They are also for couples who feel that their paths are no longer intertwined and who, instead, feel they have become disconnected.  Couples’ counseling Retreats provide a powerful experience and a safe haven where couples discover they can rebuild a fulfilling and happy life together.

How a Marriage Counseling Retreat Can Help

LIFE Marriage Retreats offers couples’ Retreats that enable married couples to experience a renewal of their relationship. You can choose from both private Retreats and small group Retreats, depending on your personal needs and preferences.

LIFE Marriage Retreats offers an environment and processes that contribute to your healing and growth experience, including:

  • Time: Meaningful time spent together is a key ingredient in couples reconnecting and feeling the relationship regain the traction and magic it might have been missing. You will be astonished to find where four focused days can take you.
  • Place: Special places of peace, beauty, and positive energy help create an environment where healing occurs, communication flourishes, and trust grows. Location does make a difference. Learn More about our Locations.
  • Learning and Change: Discovery and internalization of the principles and skills that define every successful relationship and life of meaning, delivered through the finest curriculum and innovative experiential training and counseling processes. Move beyond the relationship “to-do” list to a new way of being.
  • Support: Personal support through private sessions during the Retreat, and post-Retreat coaching further contribute to continued accountability, permanent change, and ongoing growth in the relationship. Learn More about LIFE AfterCare.
  • Commitment: Your commitment to the relationship combined with LIFE’s commitment to serve you unlocks reservoirs of strength and wisdom and ensures your success.

Perfect Locations for Your Couples Counseling Retreat

The right location, surrounded by nature’s beauty helps create an environment where stress can be set aside, allowing couples to deal in healthy ways with the issues and resentments of the relationship.  At LIFE Marriage Retreats, we have found that location does make a difference and will influence the success of your Retreat in positive ways.

  • San Diego – a beach house right on the sand, with visiting dolphins and the waves as soundtrack for the Retreat.
  • Texas Hill Country – rolling green hills, dazzling wildflowers, and a beautiful lake house.
  • Cabo, San Lucas, Mexico – an incredible house built into the cliffs overlooking the Sea of Cortez. (private and two-couple Retreats only)
  • Sundance, UT – a mountain cabin where you can enjoy a perfect blend of nature and comfort.

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Booking a couples’ counseling Retreat may be the lifeline that your marital relationship needs. LIFE Marriage Retreat offers the best marriage Retreats in terms of location, counseling, and results. Marital Retreats are the answer to help you to rediscover one another and find hope in your marriage. Contact LIFE Marriage Retreats today to book a retreat.