LIFE Marriage Retreat Counseling vs. Traditional Marriage Counseling: Why Retreats Are Your Best Option

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When it comes to finding locations for traditional marriage counseling, Los Angeles, San Diego and other large California cities offer many options. However, these cities are capable of providing more than just couples counseling. Los Angeles and San Diego are also exceptional locations for couples retreats. LIFE Marriage Retreats offers the perfect Southern California setting for marriage counseling retreats filled with beauty, peace, and an ambiance conducive to healing relationships.

LIFE Marriage Retreats lead you to reconnect you and your spouse by resolving relationship issues and building a solid foundation of fundamental principles in the marriage through highly effective experiential training and one-on-one sessions with LIFE counselors. So what’s the difference between LIFE Marriage Retreat Counseling and traditional marriage counseling? The differences are substantial:

LIFE Marriage Retreat Counseling

  • A four-day retreat in a small group setting that includes, among other relationship and life-enhancing processes and activities, highly productive private counseling sessions
  • Addresses and helps resolve the most important relationship issues in four days rather than over a period of months or years
  • Focuses not only on resolving issues but also leads the couple to unite and uplift each other through experiential activities and focused time together
  • Relationship skills learned and practiced at the retreat expedite the counseling and healing process while attaining better and more lasting results

Traditional Marriage Counseling

  • Can take months or years to see positive results
  • Depending on the program, offers only brief weekly or bi-weekly sessions
  • The counselor is often put in the position of a referee rather than a guide to a mutually accountable and healthy relationship
  • Those seeking counseling often feel there are too many and too long of breaks between sessions, prolonging the heartache and putting off success

Essentially, couples who participate in LIFE Marriage Retreats instead of attending traditional marriage counseling sessions see faster, more positive results.  If you and your partner have been searching for Los Angeles marriage counseling, carefully consider what might best fit your needs and preferences. “One size” does not fit all when it comes to marriage counseling. Southern California offers an outstanding marriage retreat option for relationship counseling (Los Angeles and San Diego are both convenient to our LIFE location).

What Are Some Specific Benefits of LIFE Marriage Retreats?

Choose carefully as you seek the best marriage help program for you. A LIFE marriage counseling retreat Los Angeles and our LIFE Marriage Retreat San Diego provide outstanding results, location, and value. We are committed to helping you create positive lasting change in your marriage. Participants who have attended retreats offered by LIFE have made the following statements:

“Traditional marriage counseling just did not seem to work for us. Just when we might be starting to make some headway the session would end and we would quickly revert to negative stuff when we returned home. The concentrated experience offered by LIFE was exactly what we needed.”

“Our experience at LIFE Marriage Retreats completely changed our relationship for the better. In our (traditional) counseling sessions it seemed that the same conversation and arguing was repeated at session after session. But at the LIFE Retreat we felt positive growth every day.”

“We accomplished more relationship growth and healing in a four-day LIFE Marriage Retreat than in    more than a year of regular counseling. The fact that LIFE continues to work with us in the LIFE AfterCare program is a big bonus as well. “

“Our (traditional) counselor advised us to get a divorce, even when both of us were committed to saving our marriage. At LIFE we found trainers and counselors that are as committed as we are to building our relationship, and who helped us do just that.”

LIFE Retreats - Couple by oceanCouples who attend LIFE Marriage Retreats simply see better results in a shorter amount of time. Traditional San Diego marriage counseling isn’t going to provide the strength, insight and power that a couple will find at a LIFE Couples Retreat. San Diego area is one of our three locations for LIFE’s four-day retreats, which means that you don’t have to settle for anything but the best program for your relationship.

Couples who have experienced a LIFE Marriage Retreat report:

  • Resolution of issues and resentments between spouses
  • Repairing of eroded trust
  • Safe and effective communication of personal and relationship needs and healthy ways to address those needs
  • A deep clarity and understanding of each other’s perspectives
  • A loving sense of compassion for one another
  • Increased emotional connection and intimacy within the marriage
  • A sense of confidence in meeting and resolving future challenges

So compare a LIFE Marriage Retreat and traditional marriage counseling . Los Angeles, CA, has many marriage counseling options to choose from; the best option for you might be LIFE Marriage Retreats, serving the LA and San Diego areas. Know and understand your choices.

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Seek Help from a LIFE Marriage Counseling Retreat?

LIFE Marriage Retreats

Whether your relationship is in a state of high distress, or you simply sense that there can be so much more for your marriage, the right professional help can make all the difference in achieving your relationship objectives. We commend you for seeking assistance through the right marriage counseling. San Diego area, with its beautiful beaches and inviting weather, is the perfect location and is convenient for those seeking Los Angeles marriage counseling programs as well.

No matter what your goals are for your marriage, a LIFE Couples Counseling Retreat, Los Angeles or San Diego hosted, can help. If you are experiencing unhealthy and unhappy patterns in your relationship, a marriage retreat is your best option. Perhaps you can identify with some of the symptoms of couples who have attended a LIFE Marriage Retreat:

  • A deep decline in meaningful and effective communication
  • Feeling as if you are simply living as roommates with no meaningful connection
  • Significant decline in intimacy
  • Holding on to past issues and resentments
  • Constantly revisiting a certain issue and never finding resolution
  • The effects of addiction
  • Growing stress over finances, extended family relationships, parenting styles, etc.
  • Struggles in bringing  together a blended family
  • Still loving your spouse but finding little authentic satisfaction in the marriage
  • A sense that you are not tapping into the potential for a joyful relationship

The heartache of relationship stress can affect you in all areas of your life. Don’t risk prolonging that heartache or letting it tear your marriage apart. Make attending a LIFE Marriage Retreat a priority.

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LIFE Marriage Retreats offers couples counseling retreats that will help you to heal your marriage. If you’ve been considering traditional marriage counseling, Los Angeles does have options for you, but the better options lie in a LIFE marriage counseling retreat.  There is hope for your marriage. Take the step and find the very best couples counseling.  San Diego is the original location of the acclaimed LIFE Marriage Retreats where we have served hundreds of couples over the years. Contact us today to book your retreat by calling (877) 376-7127 or by visiting