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Famous for its emerald hills and rolling terrain laced with spring-fed lakes and streams, Texas Hill Country is one of the most beautiful and eclectic regions of the United States. So when it came time to select a new location for a LIFE marriage retreat, Texas was our obvious choice.

LIFE Marriage Retreats has a long tradition of working with couples from the Southwest who have traveled to join us at our San Diego, California and Sundance, Utah locations. Those taking part in our Texas retreats soon learned that there is no better place to escape the world’s stresses and distraction than this peaceful landscape of cedar and live oak trees and the famous wild flowers of Texas.

LIFE Marriage Retreats extends to you an invitation for the experience of a lifetime. During your four-day retreat, we will guide you to new relationship vistas where you will find growth and healing for your marriage, where you will learn to communicate at the highest and healthiest level, and where you can feel a deepening of trust in one another.

No matter where your marriage is now, it is the perfect place to begin a new journey to a higher level of love and fulfillment. Take a moment now and explore LIFE and our programs. Your ideal marriage is just a step away.

What Makes LIFE Different From Other Marriage Programs?

While beautiful and peaceful locations and a healing environment play a key role in the LIFE Marriage Retreat experience, it is our core principles and practices that will lead you to lasting positive change and the achievement of your relationship objectives.

  1. Relationship Principles form the Foundation. Every relationship must be built on a strong foundation if it is to weather inevitable challenges. That foundation consists of certain specific principles, some of which include trust, accountability, understanding of perspectives, and forgiveness. You will experience and build such a foundation at a LIFE Retreat.
  2. Relationship Skills become most effective while standing on that Foundation. Communication, problem solving, and relationship management skills taught at our Retreats are important to any relationship, and lead to lasting change when resting on a foundation of principles.
  3. Relationship Safety is a must. When you feel emotionally “safe” in your relationship you can talk about and solve any issue. When you feel unsafe the inevitable result will be aggression, passive aggression, or avoidance and a worsening of the relationship. You will find that safety at LIFE Marriage Retreats.
  4. Private Sessions that address your specific relationship challenges and opportunities are essential. You will experience the process of defining and resolving your unique relationship issues at the Texas Retreat. This ensures your ability to continue practicing the principles and skills when you return home. Don’t settle for anything less than deep personal attention from skilled and experienced professionals.
  5. Post-Retreat Coaching and Support helps ensure lasting positive change. While you will experience “night and day” growth and change at the Retreat, we will continue supporting you and your relationship during the crucial following months through our outstanding AfterCare program.

These are the highest standards of any marriage program in the industry. Combined with your commitment to one another and your marriage, you will have the keys to creating lasting joy and fulfillment.

What Do Couples Say About Their Retreat Experience?

Some of the feedback we hear at every Retreat includes:

  • “Every facet of the Retreat exceeded our high expectations. Curriculum, activities, private sessions, and amenities were all outstanding.”
  • “We accomplished more in four days than in a year of traditional counseling.”
  • “It was so liberating for each of us to accept accountability for the relationship and become a part of the solutions rather than the problems.”
  • “We built a foundation of trust and were able to communicate and understand one another in a safe environment.”
  • “We were finally able to deal with some painful issues and resentments and find forgiveness and begin moving forward in our marriage.”

To read more experiences and feedback from other couples please visit our Testimonials Page. Chances are you will find a story and experience there that matches your own, and you will see the light of hope for a better marriage.

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LIFE has developed the most effective methods to help couples rebuild relationships that are struggling or in crisis. If you are considering attending a marriage retreat, Texas offers all the ingredients to create a successful experience. We guarantee you the best marriage enrichment retreat you will ever experience.

If our Texas location is not quite right for your couples counseling retreat, California is another perfect destination for one of our counseling retreats for married couples. You will be thrilled with your results. Call us today to book your retreat.