Dealing with Pornography in Marriage (Part 2)

Research the many resources out there.  There are countless resources available online to help you find healing and hope. Here are just a few of many examples: Fight the New Drug Addiction Hope Covenant Eyes Partners of Sex Addicts Resource Center Please consult these and other resources. You don’t have to suffer through this alone […]

Dealing with Pornography in Marriage (Part 1)

The Ultimate Question: What Do You Do?  (For purposes of this article on pornography in marriage the assumption is that it is the husband struggling with the addiction, but pornography addiction is growing rapidly among women as well.)  When you discover your spouse has been involved with pornography it can be traumatic, to say the […]

How Recognizing Your Own Flaws Can Help You Deal With Your Partner’s (Part 1)

Have you ever judged someone for making a choice or acting a certain way and then found yourself in that same situation faced with the same choice? It’s a lot easier to be critical when you’re not the one going through the problem. You never know what you would do or what “the right” thing […]

How to Keep Resentment from Ruining Your Relationship

How to Keep Resentment from Ruining Your Relationship  What does it mean to resent someone? Here are some synonyms of resent to give you a better understanding: feel bitter about, be annoyed at, take offense at, harbor a grudge about. It’s probably not hard to think of the last time you felt resentful about something. […]