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Is Forgiveness Synonymous with Trust?

When someone you love or care about has deeply hurt you, it can be a complicated process restoring everything you once had back to what it used to be. Contrary to what many people think, complete reconciliation doesn’t come with these three words: I forgive you. Forgiveness is but a step in the process of […]

Marriage Communication Problems and Solutions

Having marriage communication problems? Take the following quiz to help pinpoint a possible communication weak point. Your perceptions of what is true and what is false will indeed take you in very different directions:  1. I believe that criticism can be a very positive behavior in resolving marital conflict. True___  False___ 2. I respond very […]

Marriage New Year’s Resolution

You probably will not be surprised to learn that the average personal or marriage New Year’s Resolution has a life expectancy of about one week. Most people tend to smile knowingly and a little sadly at such a fact, believing that failed efforts to improve our lives and relationships are simply an unsolvable part of […]

Balanced Relationships

A key element of any LIFE Marriage Retreat is helping couples to build a balanced relationship. Recently at a private marriage Retreat the couple found what they considered the perfect symbol for their future relationship. Along the San Diego beach Retreat location we sometimes see awesome columns of intricately balanced rocks that seem to defy […]

Strengthen Your Marriage with a Healthy Marriage Perspective

A healthy marriage perspective is important in maintaining a happy relationship.  Recently, I heard a man use the all too common phrase “the old ball n’ chain” in reference to his wife.  Oh, how damaging this phrase can be. While at times, this phrase may seem to accurately describe the feeling of being tied down, held […]

Healing Marriage: The Law of the Monkey

Sometimes at our LIFE Couples Retreats we tell about a certain species of monkey in Africa that can teach us something about healing marriage. Over the years certain tribes have learned how to trap this monkey whether for the stew pot or to sell.  The hunter can use either a cavity carved into a tree […]

Peace in Marriage: A Gift Beyond Measure

I recently saw a peace lily that reminded me of a deeply held belief: to experience true peace in our lives we must first have peace in marriage and family relationships. At our LIFE Marriage Retreats as couples discuss issues of trust in marriage or problems with their marital communication, the ultimate result they are […]

Forgiveness in Marriage

How important is forgiveness in marriage? It has been said that “a good marriage is simply the union of two good forgivers.” The fact is that we fallible humans make mistakes and poor choices, hurting not only ourselves but other people as well. If we do not figure out how to clear away the inevitable […]