The 5:1 Rule on Building Trust in Marriage

In our previous post we described the rewards of making regular deposits into our partner’s Emotional Trust Bank Account. In fact research by Dr. John Gottman and our own personal experience suggests that what really separates healthy and thriving couples from those in marital misery is a specific balance between the negative and positive feelings […]

The Emotional Trust Bank Account- A Key to Trust

(We are celebrating the release of LIFE’s new online course, “Rescuing Trust,” focusing our blog posts on ways to build trust in our blog posts.) In our previous blog we focused on building trust through making and keeping promises. What you are really doing as you make and keep a promise to another person is […]

Making and Keeping Promises–A Building Block of Trusting Relationships

At our LIFE Marriage Retreats we place great focus on the couples making and keeping promises to their partner. Some of these promises are made for the duration of the Retreat and might include offer of some service, such as giving their partner a backrub each night of the Retreat. Other promises focus on conflict […]