Included in the price of every LIFE Marriage Retreat.

The LIFE AfterCare Program


Many things set LIFE Marriage Retreats apart, but nothing more so than our commitment to helping couples create lasting positive change in their relationship through post-Retreat marriage support.

At LIFE we evaluate our success and effectiveness on the Lasting Change experienced by our couples in their marriage and family relationships. One of the Key Elements in Creating such results is the LIFE AfterCare Program.

The best research indicates that a couple participating in a seminar, retreat, or counseling that focuses primarily on skills development (such as communication or problem solving) can anticipate a short-term improvement in their marriage before old patterns, frustrations, and resentments reemerge. LIFE has always recognized that reality and, while we certainly do teach the best skills, we have also developed programs, training, curriculum, activities, and processes designed to help couples build a strong and permanent foundation, shifting their very way of being in the relationship.

Ensuring Lasting Change

Here’s how the LIFE Marriage Retreat and LIFE AfterCare program work seamlessly to provide post-Retreat marriage support to help the couple create lasting positive change:

  • As a natural part of the Retreat process the couple will make powerful and measurable promises and commitments to one another; and will create a clear vision for their family and marriage.
  • We will assist the couple to turn that vision and those promises into a clear and cohesive Vision Document that will create a strong sense of individual and mutual accountability in the couple.
  • Following the Retreat, the couple will continue to work with a Mentor, using the Vision Document as a guide as they continue working toward their objectives.
  • The foundation of principles and skills built at the Retreat and the clear compass of the Document, combined with continued marriage support from LIFE staff will lead to continued accountability by the couple and that magical and joyful reality of Lasting Positive Growth and Change.

AfterCare post-retreat coaching calls