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5 Key Elements of LIFE Couple Retreats

LMR5When it comes to couple retreats, LIFE is certainly unique in its approach and overall design. You will not find any other marriage retreat that compares to the LIFE experience. Couples who attend our retreats experience healing, the highest level of communication, and growing trust. What sets LIFE couple retreats apart from other couple retreats? The following five key elements:

  1. Lovely location. Each LIFE Retreat is held at one of three beautiful locations: San Diego, California; Texas Hill Country; and Sundance, Utah. Couples can choose which location beckons to them most, but each one has a relaxing, calming atmosphere to help couples attending the retreat feel a sense of peace and harmony.
  2. Four-day stay. It is our experience that a four-day Retreat is the perfect length for most couples to learn and experience the principles and skills of successful relationships, resolve the most significant issues of their marriage, and create a shared vision for their future. Participating in the retreat for four days straight allows couples to immerse themselves in the process, leading them to achieve their relationship objectives.
  3. All-inclusive pricing. LIFE retreats are all inclusive, meaning everything is included in one fair price. Pricing covers your bed and bath suite, all your meals, retreat activities, and your AfterCare program in which LIFE continues to work with you in the crucial months following the retreat. This allows you to focus your energy and attention on each other and the retreat experience rather than on distracting details.
  4. Experiential activities. The hands-on, experiential activities couples experience at a LIFE marriage retreat are unlike any other couple-retreat activity. They are fun and enjoyable but, even more important, they map back to the relationship principles and skills the couple is learning, creating great “ah-hah” moments of clarity regarding things such as trust, communication, and accountability.
  5. One-on-one sessions. Each couple works with LIFE counselors and coaches in a private setting away from the other couples. Even though each retreat is limited to just a few couples, LIFE coaches know the importance of working with each couple in one-on-one counseling sessions. This way, couples get personalized help from professionals.

LIFE couple retreats truly bring couples together. Whatever state your marriage is in, know that there is hope through a LIFE marriage retreat. Our couples retreats are designed to help even the most damaged of marriages. Book your retreat today by calling (877) 376-7127 or by visiting lifemarriageretreats.com.

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Five Reasons You Should Attend A Life Couples Retreat

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Should You Attend a LIFE Marriage Retreat?

LMR3LIFE couple retreats are meant for couples who need help resolving deep-rooted issues that are negatively affecting their marriages. How does a couple know, though, if they should start seeking professional help from such a retreat? If they start noticing any of these five signs in their marriage, a couple should consider attending a LIFE Marriage Retreat:

  1. An erosion of trust due to a significant betrayal or an accumulation of hurts and disappointments. Do you find it hard to trust him or her on a meaningful level? Has this loss of trust affected your ability to connect as a couple? Trust can be difficult to restore once it’s been lost, but it is possible to start trusting again with proper guidance and help.
  2. An inability to communicate and resolve recurring issues and problems. Can you talk issues out without defensiveness or blame? Are issues resolved or do you seem to cycle through the same ones? Productive and effective communication comes from building a strong foundation and applying skills and tools attained at a LIFE Marriage Retreat.
  3. A decrease of physical and emotional intimacy with one another. Are you emotionally connected and physically affectionate? Do you feel close to your spouse or more like “roommates”? Marriage can and should be more than just living together. Learn how to make it a fulfilling and enjoyable experience by attending a Retreat.
  4. Weariness from the damaging effects of addiction or other negative behaviors. Have certain behaviors impacted you and your relationship’s sense of well-being? Have you been able to talk in healthy ways about the situation? Addictions and other recurring behaviors are serious and lead to a downward spiral in the quality of your relationship. A LIFE Marriage Retreat is not an addiction recovery program, but the principles learned and trust restored will create a sense of unity as partners address the problem in healthy and accountable ways. It can be a perfect part of the road to individual and relationship recovery.
  5. A sense of falling out of love. Do you yearn for the higher relationship ground that you know is there if you can just find your way? Do you want to feel a sense of excitement and real joy in your relationship? Do you want to once again plan and spend meaningful time together in dates and times for relationship conversations? Sometimes complacency is just as harmful as other negative behaviors. LIFE Marriage Retreats teach couples how to bring excitement and life back to their marriages.

If any of these statements resonated within you, it may be time to get professional help from a LIFE Marriage Retreat. LIFE couple retreats are successful in reuniting two partners in love and harmony. There is hope for you and your spouse. When it comes to finding effective couples counseling, San Diego’s LIFE Marriage Retreats are your best option. Call us at (877) 376-7127 or visit us online at lifemarriageretreats.com to book your retreat today.

5 Benefits of Attending a LIFE Marriage Retreat in San Diego

LMR2When it comes to finding couples counseling, San Diego is a great place to look. It’s also a great place to find LIFE Marriage Retreats—counseling retreats dedicated to helping couples find hope amidst struggling marriages. Attending a LIFE Marriage Retreat has many benefits, all of which lead to creating a strengthened relationship. The following points outline five benefits couples can expect from attending a LIFE Marriage Retreat:

  1. Relief from tension, resentment, and contention. San Diego’s perfect climate and beaches are conducive to relationship growth and change. Sunny weather and sandy beaches help relieve relationship tension and stress, and are conducive to the healing and change you are seeking.
  2. A warm and fulfilling emotional and physical intimacy. Wounds heal and walls that have been blocking connection melt away. Couples deal with issues of trust and resentment and remember how to be vulnerable again.
  3. Supremely safe and effective communication. Such communication leads to real resolution of issues and growth of trust and unity. Experiential activities and one-on-one sessions with LIFE counselors help couples feel what productive communication looks and feels like.
  4. A growing sense of peace and security. As couples begin to feel safe and secure in their marriage, they start establishing a strong and accountable relationship foundation. This foundation is built by exercising key skills and principles learned at the Retreat.
  5. A deeper appreciation for your partner and marriage. Couples experience true empathy for one another as they come to understand each other’s perspectives. This leads to greater relationship safety and compassion, and facilitates discovery of the best solutions for issues and problems.

If you’ve been searching for couples counseling San Diego offers, look no further than LIFE Marriage Retreats. We offer some of the best marriage counseling San Diego has seen. Start your journey toward strengthening your marriage by calling us today. You can reach LIFE Marriage Retreats at (877) 376-7127 or you can visit us online at lifemarriageretreats.com.


Reasons to Retreat to San Diego

Reasons to Retreat to San DiegoSan Diego Retreats

San Diego—home of the famous San Diego zoo, Mission Bay Park, and miles of stunning beaches—is a common vacation spot for families and couples looking for a little fun and relaxation. But if you want to get a lot more out of your vacation this year and would like to help your marriage grow, you might consider turning your vacation into a marriage retreat in San Diego. This could also be a fantastic opportunity for those struggling to find the right marriage counseling in Los Angeles. Here are a few reasons to take a marriage retreat to San Diego.

  1. As you know, San Diego is laced with outstanding beaches and magnificent bluffs that provide vistas over the ocean that seem to stretch into eternity. The long pacific coast line is an ideal location for a marriage retreat because it offers the beauty and peace of nature without getting too far away from civilization.
  2. LIFE Marriage Retreats location in the San Diego area sits right on the sand where the sounds of ocean waves and calling birds will form the soundtrack of your Retreat. Here you will find the principles, tools, and expert guidance you need to grow, heal, and change your marriages. The beach house offers each couple a private bed and bath suite, fine dining, and beautiful views of the ocean. It is an idyllic location, especially if you are trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of a big city like Los Angeles.
  3. Our San Diego beach house is located in North San Diego County in the Carlsbad-Oceanside area. This spot is easily accessible and very convenient for couples coming from the Los Angeles area.
  4. A marriage retreat is more than marriage counseling; it is a fast-track to marital success. No matter where your marriage currently is, deciding to take a marriage retreat to San Diego will propel your relationship to the higher and happier ground that you desire.

Between the calming sounds of the ocean, beautiful atmosphere, and careful guidance of trained counselors, a marriage retreat to San Diego is perfect for any couple. For more information about LIFE Marriage Retreats, or to learn more about our other locations, please contact us.

3 Key Factors of Best Marriage Retreats

3 Key Factors of Best Marriage Retreats

Searching for a marriage retreat that’s right for you can be a challenge; after all, you do have options. To help you on your way to success with your partner, take into account these three key factors of best marriage retreats. 3 factors of best marriage retreats

  1. Location and accommodations: You are planning to spend a few precious days with your spouse without kids, work, or other normal life distractions, so you should choose a location that will enhance the time you have together. Many marriage retreats are held in hotel meeting rooms or similar charmless locations that do nothing to add to the experience you are looking for. Choose a marriage retreat that offers natural beauty and harmony, conducive to learning, healing, and change. Whether you lean towards beaches, mountains, or rolling hills, select the site best for you. And don’t forget about accommodations. The best marriage retreats are all inclusive, so you can focus on your relationship, not on all the details of where to stay and eat. You need to feel comfortable as you work toward a more fulfilling relationship. The best marriage retreats will offer 5 star accommodations no matter where you go.
  2. One-on-one counseling and real progress: Most marriage retreats will have group activities for all of the participating couples at a retreat. The best retreats will work with very small groups and also offer one-on-one private counseling sessions for you and your spouse. Privacy is key as you work through the issues of your relationship. Your counselor should have the experience to guide you toward success and progress in your marriage, at any stage you might be.
  3. Follow-up: Since marriage retreats are considered a concentrated road to success in your marriage, it is important to continue using the tools and strategies you learned when you return home from the retreat. The best marriage retreats offer follow-up support with the counselors with whom you worked at the retreat, helping you to ensure lasting positive growth and change.

There are many wonderful benefits to be found at the best marriage retreats, however, these three factors can help you select the right program and set you on the course for the best possible experience.

LIFE Marriage Retreats offers each of the three key factors of best marriage retreats, including four sublime locations, one-on-one counseling by caring professionals, and a carefully developed AfterCare post-retreat program. Let us guide you in your journey to a better marriage and a happier life together. Contact us or learn more about our marriage retreats on our website.

4 Beautiful Retreats for Couples

4 Beautiful Retreats for Couples

If you are looking for a scenic location to escape to as you seek to build the relationship of your dreams, LIFE Marriage Retreats has ideal locations for you. Our retreats for couples are all stunning, set in the beauty of nature’s finest backdrops. Take a look at theRetreats for Couple v1 benefits of our beautiful locations.

  1. San Diego, California: Waves lap at the sandy shore as dolphins and birds play in the surf, and the soft sun warms the beach. The calming sounds of the rhythmic ocean soothe couples in their journey to reconnect, heal, and grow together. Our retreat for couples in North San Diego County, in the Carlsbad-Oceanside area, is an easy commute from Los Angeles and other California locations, and has been enjoyed by couples from all over North America. Read more

5 Benefits of Marriage Retreats for Any Marriage

5 Benefits of Marriage Retreats for Any Marriage

5 Benefits of Marriage RetreatsSome people think there is a stigma for marriage retreats that requires couples to be at risk of divorce or beyond reconciliation without intervention. While many couples who seek help from LIFE Marriage Retreats are in a state of high relationship distress, others are simply seeking the higher and happier ground that every marriage can attain with some effort and know how. Marriage Retreats from LIFE can benefit any marriage—providing benefits that can serve you and your spouse for the rest of your lives together.

Here are 5 benefits of marriage retreats for any marriage.

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