“No matter where I go from here, no matter what relationships I am in, the things I have learned at the Retreat have made me a better husband, a better father, and a better man.”
Vernon, Maryland (military officer)


“This Retreat will have a major impact on my life and relationships. I was lost and desperately needed a map to find my way back to the path and my marriage. With your guidance I have found my way.”
Rob, Texas


“We have spent considerable time in marriage counseling, but we accomplished far more in the four-day LIFE Retreat than we ever did in counseling. We felt safe with one another and with Margo and Gerry and this led to our walls coming down and a new relationship being rebuilt.”
Andy, Alaska


“The Retreat gave us the opportunity to learn and communicate in a safe environment. We have the foundation now on which to build lasting trust, and the principles to keep us on track and in a healthy, loving relationship.”
Lisa, Texas


“The Retreat was just what I needed to take my accountability for our relationship and to become a part of the solution. The way you helped us build a foundation to stand on to use the new skills and tools you gave us was perfect for us.”
Mike, Texas


“Following the Marriage Seminar (Retreat) I have something I thought had been lost long ago: Hope. Not just a wish that things could be better but the realistic expectation that I now have the foundation and skills to handle any obstacle or challenge in my life. Levi and I can move forward with confidence having rediscovered our commitment to one another, and certain in the direction of our second journey.”
Randi, North Dakota


“When we came to the Marriage Training Retreat we were at the point of divorce. We knew we loved one another but could not find our way past all the resentments and misunderstandings of the past; it didn?t seem our trust could ever be restored. Now I can barely remember what the resentment felt like and the foundation of our trust continues to grow, a brick at a time. I had been contemplating our family being broken; now we have found our way back together.”
Lisa, New York


“LIFE Marriage Retreats has helped me to recognize, come to terms with, and deal with negative influences that had become ingrained in my life. Gerry, Margo, and other LIFE staff have guided me through a process of forgiveness and allowed me to heal my broken heart. I felt safe to allow myself to be vulnerable and the processes of the Retreat led me to root of my personal issues where I could deal with them using the principles and tools I learned. My husband and I are thankful and look forward attending future Advanced Retreats with LIFE. God bless you!”
Laura, New York


“I have never been able to be so open with my wife. I have brought things to the surface where they could be in the light and be resolved in a healthy way. To feel so safe was one of the most enriching experiences of my life.”
Jim, Michigan


“When we were married we set a goal to attend some type of seminar or program every year to help keep our marriage strong. With the birth of our last child we let that commitment slide and so found ourselves a few years later in some severe conditions in our marriage. The LIFE Marriage Retreat was perfect to bring us back to center and into one another?s hearts. We now look forward to attending LIFE Advanced Retreats in the future!”
Thyra and Ian, Washington


“I would like to truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel as if I have gone from going backward in my life and relationships to a brisk and wonderful journey looking to a bright future. I grew up with little fatherly influence in my life and I have been frightened that my children would have to endure that same emptiness, but through this LIFE Retreat I have not only discovered the good husband that is within me, but also realize I can live these principles and become the father I have dreamed of being.”
Eric, Texas


“My wife expressed to me each day of the Retreat her joy and appreciation for this experience. These four days have been the most meaningful and productive we have spent together in years. We hate to leave, but leave with a feeling that our relationship has been immensely enhanced and that we have a great plan moving forward together.”
Lin, Oregon


“I can sincerely feel a big difference in our marriage and I didn’t think that was possible.”
Tim, Minnesota


“I have been asking for answers from my spouse for a long time. It was only here at the Retreat that he finally opened up and told me the things I needed to hear. He truly felt incapable of sharing before now. With our commitments to each other and our renewed dedication, as well as new skills and tools we have learned, our foundation is strong and our renewed journey together will be one of truth, forgiveness, and integrity beyond measure.”
Kirsten, Washington


“I came to the retreat filled with resentment and anger toward my wife, family, and the circumstances that seemed to have me boxed in. At the retreat I found peace and forgiveness for others and myself. I was able to talk safely and meaningfully about things that had previously seemed unsolvable. A million pound weight has been lifted from my shoulders.”
Rick, Oregon


“I was very impressed and fulfilled by the Retreat and would highly recommend you to my friends and family.”
Jodi, Arkansas (stay-at-home mom)


“I had grown so out of touch with feelings, my own and others. Through the Retreat I have rediscovered my purpose and commitment.”
Tahnee, California (business owner)


“The skills and principles we learned have saved our marriage and will benefit our entire family. It seemed to be customized to our exact needs. I would not have changed any part of the Training Retreat.”
Dennis, Nevada


“I never could have imagined anything being this impacting. It has forever changed my view and understanding of myself and my relationships.”
Brian, California (business owner)


“The Retreat has given me a new chance to build love and relationship versus taking it for granted. It has opened an exciting future and I sense my life can be everything I want it to be.”
Brad, Wisconsin (business executive)


“The experience has saved our marriage. Thank you for providing a compass and direction for life.”
Sharon, San Diego (nurse)


“You have saved my marriage and have made me a better man. Thank you, Thank you.”
Steve, Pennsylvania (business owner)


“If anyone is committed to working on their issues and is committed to a lifelong relationship; and if they want to move their relationship to a higher level than it has ever been before, then LIFE is the place to do it.”
Juan, Texas (business owner)


“If someone is committed to a lifelong relationship, and they want to move their relationship to a higher level than it has ever been before, then a LIFE Training Retreat is the place to do it. It was far more than I ever expected.”
Juan, Texas (business owner)


“The impact of the Training Retreat is overwhelmingly great. It is so exciting to be starting this new journey together!”
Tracy, California (business owner)


“It is almost unbelievable that we got so much for such a reasonable price. The Training Retreat experience and results were far more than we expected.”
Dallas, Utah ( medical director)


“If I had a friend unsure of where their heart is, I would give them the key to that, which is the LIFE Training Retreat. I think that would open the door to the issues in their lives. I believe the Retreat would teach them far more than just about their marriage but would also teach them about their relationship with their children, other family members, friends, and business associates. I believe this experience will help any couple not only with their marriage but with their everyday lives.”
Clarabeth, Texas (business owner)


“The Retreat has been a turning point for us… it has opened up a whole new world in allowing me to see my husband, family, and those around me through new eyes.”
Colleen, Alberta (business owner)


“Months after the Training Retreat our friends still ask us what led to the remarkable positive changes in our marriage relationship. We would recommend LIFE Couples Trainings and Retreats to anyone!”
Mark and Teri, California (business executive; entertainer)


“The Retreat is going to have a huge impact. It will take us to places where we have never been and where our relationship can continue to grow.”
Clarabeth, Texas (business owner)


“The impact of being reconnected to my life partner is awesome, and the tools I have received will help us continue to grow.”
Steve, Florida (business owner)


“The Training Retreat has helped me to look inward and see the areas in which I am inhibiting progress in our relationship. It has opened communication that had become blocked; and has injected a new level of patience and understanding into our marriage. We have received a roadmap to follow.”
Stacey, Washington (business executive)


“The experience opened up our eyes and broke through our walls so we could see and know one another again.”
Andrea, Florida (MD)


“The Training Retreat was everything we hoped it would be. Not only has it made a powerful difference in our relationship, but the principles and skills we learned are even having a positive effect in my work!”
Jim, Florida (business executive)


“The Training has provided tools and skills that have changed me from perceiving myself as a victim, and introduced me to a new ‘way of being’.”
David, California (attorney)


“This retreat was a huge awakening for myself and our relationship. I never had known how many issues I was avoiding and the damage I was doing by not seeing my wife’s perspective. We were living like strangers in the same home. Now we have the direction and tools to be successful and happy together.”
Nick, California


“It has been a year since we participated in the LIFE Marriage Retreat in Sundance and we wanted to give you an update. We had been separated for six months before the retreat. At Sundance we committed to starting anew and moved back in together. We have worked hard to continue to use the skills and principles that you (Margo, Gerry, and David) taught us. During this past year we have overcome multiple conflicts and dealt with a number of difficult issues, and now we feel closer than ever before! Our relationship is thriving and we owe this to you and your dedication to helping us during our difficult time. We just want to say thanks so much for all your help!”
Dorothy and Brett, California


“Our LIFE Retreat was some months ago, but we continue to reap the benefits. We had a significant issue of conflict arise that had a deadline attached to it, we had to resolve it quickly. Using the tools and principles that we had learned and used during the retreat allowed us to find resolution and peace with one another with no later festering of the issue, it was out of our lives. Thank you Margo, Gerry, and David. You were so open and non-judgmental toward us and fostered a welcoming and peaceful environment in the midst of the turmoil of our relationship at that time. Thanks for your kindness and generosity.”
Elizabeth and Andy, Georgia


Our beautiful daughter and this wonderful time in our life and marriage would never have happened without our retreat and your help. Thank you Gerry, Margo, and David!

Tiffany and Kurt, Washington




I just wanted to take a minute to thank y’all for an amazing retreat. I honestly had no idea that those few days we were there would have such an immediate, lasting impact on my ability to not only communicate, but also to recognize and raise my awareness regarding every relationship and interaction I come across, including those with zero communication involved. My ability to recognize opposition, accept it and deal with it is truly a sixth sense. I look forward to Carrie and I keeping this up because in the time we’ve been home MAJOR breakthroughs have occurred in our relationship and in my relationship with multiple family members. The impact of the retreat is absolutely profound and so appreciated. Thank you for what you do.
Stewart, Texas


The marriage retreat was an absolute game changer for us. We came to the Retreat unsure in our commitment to one-another and the relationship. Now we have never felt closer and we have a shared vision of our future together. Every part of our lives have been touched for the better through the retreat experience
John and Tammy, California


“I am very grateful to all of you for bringing back the excitement and new opportunity to our marriage. We had a wonderful experience at the retreat and feel more connected to one-another than we have since we first met. We look forward to the future with each other!”
Siena, Arizona


“You all are inspiring! We can tell you take this work very seriously, and that means a lot to me. Putting the principles and skills we have been taught are making a big difference in our lives and marriage and we know they will take us even higher. LIFE greatly exceeded our high expectations.”
Beth, Nevada


“The Retreat was truly an awesome experience for us, we could not have imagined a better experience! You helped us save our marriage and we are forever grateful for all you have done for us.”
Jason and Meghan, Arizona


“I came to the retreat just expecting counseling and an opportunity to hash out some issues we have struggled with. The experience ended up being being so much more! By focusing on the principles, skills, and tools we could use to move forward we made breakthroughs in four days that I didn’t think would be possible ever.”
Mike, Washington


“The retreat was extraordinarily helpful and valuable. I am wise enough to know that we must now consistently apply the tools and principles we learned, but with persistence and dedication I have confidence that we will have a happier and better marriage because of the retreat.”
John, California