Couples Testimonials

Results. That’s what we all want; whether buying a car or selecting a dentist, we want the experience and results to exceed our expectations. We honor all of our couples for their effort and commitment, and thank those who have shared their experiences here. They have done so in the hope that your life and relationship might be touched for good.

This page gives an overall taste of customer feedback; you can then link to other pages that focus on six specific categories such as “Impact on my relationship”, “Accommodations, Dining, and Environment”, and others.

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Scott & Starla, Sundance Marriage Retreat

Tim and Stephanie
San Diego Marriage Retreat

Overall Experience

LIFE Marriage Retreats
"My overall experience of the retreat has been outstanding, magical, eye-opening, and simply amazing. I loved everything about this Marriage Retreat. The group discussions were so supportive and encouraging; our activities were exhilarating, fun, and profoundly effective. Our private sessions with Gerry and Margo were nothing short of amazing and life altering, and the understanding and gentle guidance shown helped me more that I could have ever imagined."

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Impact On Relationships

LIFE Marriage Retreats
"No matter where I go from here, no matter what relationships I am in, the things I have learned at the Retreat have made me a better husband, a better father, and a better man."

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AfterCare Program

LIFE Marriage Retreats
"The Life Retreat with Gerry, Margo and David was exactly what our marriage needed! Upon arriving home we found ourselves nervous about next steps and feared we could fall back into old behaviors. With our commitment pages, second journey contract, retreat notebook close at hand and a meeting with David looming in the future, we forged ahead. We believe these supports have been crucial in creating opportunities to grow our relationship while having a positive impact in times of challenges. As we sat down to Skype with David at our first after-care meeting, we both felt safe to share our second journey growth and anxious to create new commitments and goals with David?s guidance. The Life Retreat was amazing, but the skills we brought home and the follow-up support is what is taking us to the next level in our marriage."

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Accommodations, Dining, Environment

LIFE Marriage Retreats
"The beach house and food were wonderful! I was a little nervous at first about sharing the house with 3 other couples, but the way it was laid out worked very well in providing complete privacy in our suite as well as perfect areas to gather and interact with other couples."

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Trainers and Staff

LIFE Marriage Retreats
"I would like to express my gratitude for Gerry, Margo and David individually and as a team for a transforming experience. Their authenticity was unmistakable."

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Training and Curriculum

LIFE Marriage Retreats
"The Training curriculum was exciting and unique. I learned so many things that I had never even thought about or realized were so crucial to our marriage relationship. Every day was a new learning experience."

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Private Sessions

LIFE Marriage Retreats
"The private sessions were truly remarkable! This was where I experienced the most 'ahh-hahh' moments and where we moved further along as a couple than we ever have before with regard to our issues and challenges. Those sessions were the highlight of the Retreat!"

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