LIFE Marriage Retreats East Coast

Marriage Retreats East Coast

Vilano Beach, St Augustine, FL

Are you looking for marriage retreats on the east coast?  LIFE Marriage Retreats East Coast location is St Augustin, Florida. St Augustine is convenient to New York and the rest of the east coast and south eastern states.  Are you dealing with poor communication, loss of trust, or feeling disconnected? Join us in St Augustine. To learn more about all of our locations, click here.

What is a LIFE Marriage Retreat?

LIFE Marriage Retreats has been successfully saving marriages for over a decade in various locations around the world. We are recognized in various best marriage retreats articles, such as, 11 Best Marriage Counseling Retreats in the US for 2018.  Our unique and multifaceted approach incorporates a first class training, life changing experiences, and transformative marriage counseling.  We’ve found that combining these three elements maximizes a couples chance at success, and prepares them to maintain lasting positive change.

Through our 4-Day marriage retreat experience, each of our couples learn where things went wrong and how to rebuild their relationship on a solid foundation.  While many of them come to us on the brink of divorce, the vast majority end up healing old wounds, growing closer together, and re committing. Nearly every single couple reports that they are happier with their relationship after the retreat than they were before.


So what makes a LIFE Marriage Retreat unique?  LIFE Retreats are all-inclusive. The price you pay includes pre and post retreat coaching calls, private accommodations, and all meals, as well as all training sessions, activities, and counseling. The retreat pricing has been designed this way for a couple of reasons. First, we’d like to afford you the luxury of focusing exclusively on your relationship.  It helps to not have to worry about where to sleep at night or eat at mealtime. Secondly, every aspect of the retreat, including your food and accommodations, is designed for your benefit. So, it only makes sense to wrap it all into one package.  While most other retreats require you to find your own accommodations and meals, LIFE Retreats takes care of it all for you.

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We’d love to share more about how LIFE Marriage Retreats East Coast can help you.  To find out more about our location in Saint Augustine, Florida, click here, or give us a call at 877-376-7127.