Why LIFE Marriage Retreats is the Best Retreat in Austin

LMR2We know that there are other marriage retreats to choose from, even just from those in Texas. However, LIFE Marriage Retreats—Austin is only 40 miles east of our Lake LBJ location—has various benefits that you won’t be able to get elsewhere. Here are some of the reasons why a four-day LIFE Marriage Retreat is the best option for you:

1. Location

Location does make a difference. We have found that our couple’s growth and healing are enhanced by the peace and beauty of nature. The LIFE Marriage Retreat near Austin is located on the shore of Lake LBJ, a constant-level lake with abundant wildlife. Live oaks and wild flowers form the backdrop for the relationship experience of a lifetime. We make the most of those beautiful surroundings by getting out into them for some great experiential learning activities that will create “ah-hah” moments of discovery for you.

2. Inspiring

At LIFE Marriage Retreats you will learn and experience the principles and skills that define every successful relationship. As you work in private sessions with an experienced and caring counselor those principles and skills gain traction in your hearts and marriage, and you will be inspired to reconnect with one another and to reach for higher and happier ground in your lives and marriage. Healing will occur, communication will flourish, and trust will grow.

3. Lasting Results

Everything we do at LIFE is designed to help you create the immediate and lasting positive results you crave in your life and marriage. The most common feedback we receive from couples after a Retreat is, “It was more than we ever expected.” We help you continue that relationship growth and momentum through our outstanding AfterCare program, continuing to work with you via private video conference in the months following the Retreat.

LIFE Marriage Retreat’s all-inclusive pricing takes much of the stress out of attending a Retreat. One fair price covers your private bed and bath suite, all of your meals, activities and training, private sessions, and the AfterCare program. Now is the time and the Texas Hill Country is the place to begin your relationship journey.

Rediscover the joy in your marriage with LIFE Marriage Retreats—Austin, Texas is the perfect place to begin the journey. To schedule your spot, contact LIFE Marriage Retreats at (877) 376-7127.

3 Results of Attending Marriage Retreats in Utah

LMR1Part of what makes LIFE marriage retreats so successful for couples are the locations. One of those exceptional locations lies in the beautiful mountains of Sundance, Utah, and there are several reasons it’s the perfect place for LIFE marriage retreats. Utah mountains are almost ethereal in their beauty, and they contribute to a sense of peace and clarity in those who choose to spend time in them. Here are a few of the results of attending a LIFE marriage retreat in such a beautiful place:


  1. Increased peace and decreased stress. You are familiar with the stress of a struggling relationship, stress that shows up in negative thoughts, words, and behaviors. As you settle into our Sundance cabin, you’ll feel a sense of peace and clarity growing inside of you. Immersion in a lovely, natural environment with pine trees, flowing streams, and fresh air will do wonders for your soul. Nature has a way of easing the tension out of your mind and body, as you’ll see in Sundance. In such an environment you will find relationship insights and direction that have previously eluded you.
  2. A feeling of harmony and refreshment. When your marriage is struggling, it’s hard not to feel at war with yourself, your spouse, and sometimes the world around you. Trust is strained and resentment can start to creep in. As you engage in a LIFE retreat in Sundance with an open heart and a desire to reconnect with one another, you will find the setting of perfect nature to be conducive to restoring harmony and balance to your soul and your marriage. You will find healing.
  3. Hope for renewal. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of attending a LIFE marriage retreat in Sundance, Utah, is the blossoming of hope you’ll experience. Experiential teaching activities will immerse you in the beautiful surroundings, and the principles and skills you learn working one-on-one with skilled and caring counselors will take you to higher and happier ground in your relationship.


Attending a LIFE marriage retreat in Sundance, Utah, might be one of the most important things you ever do for your marriage. For years LIFE marital retreats have helped couples transform their relationships into all a marriage should be. Don’t delay taking the next step. Contact us today about LIFE’s retreats for couples by calling 877-376-7127 or by visiting lifemarriageretreats.com.

5 Steps to a Great Marriage Infographic


Rekindling in Sundance

Rekindling in SundanceRekindling In Sundance

Sundance, Utah, located in majestic pine and aspen forest mountains, is a four-season wonderland. Wildlife, waterfalls, glaciers, and other gifts from nature come together to create perfection, whether covered in the wildflowers of summer or the sparkling snow of winter. Sundance is a perfect location for a LIFE Marriage Retreat. Marriage retreats are a wonderful, safe place to reconnect with your spouse, resolve issues and resentments, and rekindle romance that may have been eroded by time and busy lives. If you are researching marriage retreats Utah is a great place to start. Here are a few reasons why.

  1. Get closer to the stars and closer to your spouse: You might have forgotten the simple pleasure of gazing up at stars with your loved one by your side. In the clean air of the mountains of Utah the stars shine bright and clear whether from the hot tub or back deck rocking chairs. Create such moments both day and night in this special place of peace and beauty.
  2. Feel the adventure: Some of the experiential activities of LIFE Marriage Retreats will take you to the center of Utah nature and outdoor fun. You will love the surroundings of Sundance. Many hiking trails in the area lead to waterfalls, caves, and mountain ponds just waiting to be discovered. Take the opportunity to hike hand-in-hand while enjoying the mountain wildlife and feeling stress fade and commitment reestablished.
  3. Beautiful in every season: Sundance, Utah, is near the home of the 2002 Winter Olympics and is recognized as a great winter escape. And things stay lively in the other seasons with hiking, biking, fishing, and a hundred other soul satisfying activities. Come during the winter and stay a few extra days to ski at any of the local resorts, or take some extra time in the summer to climb to the top of majestic Mount Timpanogos.

When it comes to marriage retreats, Utah has one of the best locations available. It is an amazing place to heal your relationship and rekindle your romance. With the help and guidance of LIFE Marriage Retreats, your time at Sundance will be a lasting and memorable experience. It is even the site of our lowest-priced retreat of the four available locations, making our Sundance, Utah, mountain cabin the best deal for your wallet and your marriage.

For more information on our marriage retreats in Sundance and other locations, visit our website or contact us. We would love to help you rediscover what is best about one another and your relationship romance and serve you on your way to marital joy and success.

Reasons to Retreat to San Diego

Reasons to Retreat to San DiegoSan Diego Retreats

San Diego—home of the famous San Diego zoo, Mission Bay Park, and miles of stunning beaches—is a common vacation spot for families and couples looking for a little fun and relaxation. But if you want to get a lot more out of your vacation this year and would like to help your marriage grow, you might consider turning your vacation into a marriage retreat in San Diego. This could also be a fantastic opportunity for those struggling to find the right marriage counseling in Los Angeles. Here are a few reasons to take a marriage retreat to San Diego.

  1. As you know, San Diego is laced with outstanding beaches and magnificent bluffs that provide vistas over the ocean that seem to stretch into eternity. The long pacific coast line is an ideal location for a marriage retreat because it offers the beauty and peace of nature without getting too far away from civilization.
  2. LIFE Marriage Retreats location in the San Diego area sits right on the sand where the sounds of ocean waves and calling birds will form the soundtrack of your Retreat. Here you will find the principles, tools, and expert guidance you need to grow, heal, and change your marriages. The beach house offers each couple a private bed and bath suite, fine dining, and beautiful views of the ocean. It is an idyllic location, especially if you are trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of a big city like Los Angeles.
  3. Our San Diego beach house is located in North San Diego County in the Carlsbad-Oceanside area. This spot is easily accessible and very convenient for couples coming from the Los Angeles area.
  4. A marriage retreat is more than marriage counseling; it is a fast-track to marital success. No matter where your marriage currently is, deciding to take a marriage retreat to San Diego will propel your relationship to the higher and happier ground that you desire.

Between the calming sounds of the ocean, beautiful atmosphere, and careful guidance of trained counselors, a marriage retreat to San Diego is perfect for any couple. For more information about LIFE Marriage Retreats, or to learn more about our other locations, please contact us.

4 Beautiful Retreats for Couples

4 Beautiful Retreats for Couples

If you are looking for a scenic location to escape to as you seek to build the relationship of your dreams, LIFE Marriage Retreats has ideal locations for you. Our retreats for couples are all stunning, set in the beauty of nature’s finest backdrops. Take a look at theRetreats for Couple v1 benefits of our beautiful locations.

  1. San Diego, California: Waves lap at the sandy shore as dolphins and birds play in the surf, and the soft sun warms the beach. The calming sounds of the rhythmic ocean soothe couples in their journey to reconnect, heal, and grow together. Our retreat for couples in North San Diego County, in the Carlsbad-Oceanside area, is an easy commute from Los Angeles and other California locations, and has been enjoyed by couples from all over North America. Read more

Strengthen Your Marriage with a Healthy Marriage Perspective

A healthy marriage perspective is important in maintaining a happy relationship.  Recently, I heard a man use the all too common phrase “the old ball n’ chain” in reference to his wife.  Oh, how damaging thisStrengthen your Marriage phrase can be.

While at times, this phrase may seem to accurately describe the feeling of being tied down, held back, or limited in freedom by our spouse, in reality, it is quite false.  The first inaccuracy is that it likens your spouse (a living breathing human being) to an inanimate object with no will of its own.  A second inaccuracy is assuming that you are attached to this object by a shackle to which you have no key. Any marriage perspective that dehumanizes your spouse and removes your personal accountability is bound to damage the relationship.

It would serve you well to remember, and reinforce through your thoughts and actions, that your spouse is not an object.  Your spouse is in fact a person just like you, who, rather than deliberately anchoring you to the ground is simply striving to live his/her own life.  Any resistance you feel on your end is felt equally on your spouses end.  Additionally, whether you realize it or not, the shackle was not forced upon you as a punishment.  You chose to bind yourself to your spouse and you still have the key.  Ultimately, remaining with your spouse is your choice so take accountability for that. Humanizing your spouse and retaining your personal accountability in these ways will certainly strengthen your relationship.

I propose, that in order to reinforce a healthy marriage perspective, adopt a more accurate analogy.  For example, how might things be different if you were to replace the notion of being attached to a ball and chain with the thought of you being two mountain climbers.  As you and your spouse navigate the rocky and ice-covered paths of life, you have chosen to bind yourselves together with a rope for safety. If you feel resistance from the other end of the rope, it means your partner is stuck and needs help, or that they view the path differently than you and feel that a course correction is in order.  Either way, if there is resistance, it means that you get to pay more attention to your spouse and consider his/her thoughts, feelings, and needs as you press forward on your journey together.

With this healthy marriage perspective you will find that there is no mountain you can’t climb together.

Healing Marriage: Administer First Aid

One of the keys to healing marriage is knowing when to administer emotional first aid to your partner. This healing art is one of the great benefits of a LIFE Couples RetreatHealing Marriage-First Aid

When your partner is hurting from something you might have said or done, it is not the time for you to justify, defend, or blame; this is like pouring salt into wounds (and gas onto the fire). Rather than pushing to resolve the issue or prove yourself right you must first sincerely find ways to reconnect with the other person. Through compassion, care, and effort to see their perspective and acknowledge their pain, you will find the key to unlock both your hearts.

Often, words can get in the way of healing marriage and hearts and nonverbal signals will be the more kind and welcome path to reconciliation. A willingness to simply listen, or a gentle touch of the hand will speak volumes. A quiet validation of their feelings will sooth tender wounds.

This offer of an olive branch will not always be easy when your emotions might be running high, but the alternative of further contention and hurt is far more painful. The ability to pour calming oil on troubled waters will help refine you and your relationship into gold, and will produce untold sweet fruit.

At a LIFE Marriage Retreat you will learn to naturally offer healing to your partner, and to receive that same care from them. Contact us and we can help you see the way to a healthy and happy relationship.

So remember, just as physical wounds need first aid and healing before returning to normal activities, tender hearts and feelings need to be addressed in healing marriages before solutions to issues can be sought and found.